Northelm (Guard Follower) Needs at LEAST 2x More Gear Storage Growth

I was able to get into the restricted PvP tournament for the first time this week with 3 other people. It got me looking at the level 50 tournament that no one is currently partaking in, and it is easy to see why.

To properly take place in the Elite Tourney a person would at minimum need the corresponding weapon in the corresponding color. Assuming the tournament always asks for the same color/weapon combo, that is 15 weapons the player would need (if it doesn’t that is 75!).

It would be assumed that a person would want to wear something for every equipment slot. While this is not required, it generally would be to have any good chance of winning. This is 11 x 5 for 55 total required equipment.

This means a person would have to use upwards of 70 slots to properly partake in the Elite Tourney PvP mode (130 if the color for weapon can change for tourney requirement).

Assuming Northelm continues to gain 1 gear storage space per level, it would require a level 45 legendary Northelm to have the minimum storage space to partake in every possible Elite Tourney with a full set of colored gear, assuming colored weapon requirement always calls for the same type/color combination.

That means a late game player who has a level 50 legendary Northelm would only have 5 spare gear storage space for ascension duplicates, gear switches, and anything else they want to keep. A person who is 100% maxed would only have 15 total spare space (unless followers keep leveling to 100).

If Northhelm had 2x the gear storage rate specifically (pet and spell storage growth rate seems a bit more balanced), it would require a level 23 rare Northelm for the same result. Assuming the tournament doesn’t always call for the same color/weapon combination, Northelm would have to be a level 53 mythic to have 1 copy of everything needed to partake in the Elite Tourney with a 2x gear growth rate.

The current system assuming a constant 1 gear growth rate, level 100 cap, and color/weapon combination can be all 5, this would result in the current system with a level 100 Northelm NOT having enough storage for 1 copy of everything. It would be a 125 storage when 130 is needed to partake in every possible combination of the Elite Tourney PvP with a full set of colored gear.

In contrast, only 10 pets and 20 spells are needed in these same instances.




100% to this.

Besides the numbers that Tacet has given to show the problem with gear storage, it’s also worth thinking about a large chunk of the audience that will play this game. I am not ashamed to admit I have a number of quirks which make collecting things very appealing and I am not alone. Many of my friends from the GoW community enjoy complete collections. I have found it very difficult to salvage all new common and uncommon gear I get to ensure I have space for the coloured gear needed for Elite Tourneys. Will I ever use these common and uncommon items… Probably not but I want to keep at least one of each and then I would feel comfortable salvaging extras

In addition to the increase needed to gear storage growth from Northelm so we can compete in the restricted Tourneys, I’d be keen to see a ’ gear vault’ where you can archive one of each item to a museum.

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Got some more data.

With completely random drops, I now have 38/37 rare equipment pieces for the first time.

To put this into perspective relative to the other 3 storages, here are all the breakdowns for rare+ for the 3 categories that guard raises:
Gear: 38/37 rare+
Spells: 7/37 rare+
Pets: 9/37 rare+

WHY DID ANYONE think having gear grow at the same rate of spells and pets was a good idea when gear gets multiple times more drops? And when can we expect a fix for this? @Salty

A level 100 guard can’t even hold 1 of every equipment item in the game, let alone the spares needed for ascension. Based on drop rates, it needs 4x gear growth rate increase. At absolute bare minimum needs a 2x increase.

Ideally, Northhelm’s Guard growth rates per level would be:

Pets: 1x per level
(This is the same as it is now. With only 40 pets, he is already pretty competent by uncommon/rare.)

Spells: 2x per level
(There are around 85+ spells in the game, many of which are viable to have 3.)

Gear: 3x per level
(There are 12 slots that fit this category, inflating the number accumulated and needed drastically compared to other categories of drops.)

I wish the devs will give their comment about this issue.

Every day there will be more and more early access players who progress further in the game and will get into this gear & spell space issue.
And I’m quite sure this matter will be a major issue in the near future (if not already).
I still do not understand why the gear (& spell) space is very limited if we look at the other system implemented in the game (evolve system, pvp weapon & element requirements, combined gear space for all heroes in one account, etc.)

Hopefully they can fix this issue by adding more spaces soon.