Northelm (Guard Follower) Needs at LEAST 2x More Gear Storage Growth

So I have enjoyed the story and thought it was fun. I’ve played through it 3 times now…

Having said that, drops rates for items are low. Having to destroy weapons which seem to never drop is crazy.

Also the player base will die if they constantly realize the gear they have been upgrading now needs to be scrapped.

I’m not sure how I would even continue playing after a certain point. Also as @Lelouch screenshots show, I honestly don’t think the devs thought anyone would be hitting mythic followers yet.
Lvl 50 for a follower after 2 months is a death sentence for the longevity of the game. What will we do once all followers at legendary to mythic and all inventory is maxed? I assume just never play the game again.

I think the inventory issue is just the tip of the iceberg here. It is also showing that follower max is only 50, when theoretically followers could become like the citadel after 50. We could maybe level them up for a passive after 50 and get additional small bonuses.

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This could be fixed by putting skirmish/dungeon loot tickets over top the food offer in guild instead of the useless marks.

This would level the citadel slowly over time as well as apply a chest increase like the current food sink does.

Big issue with the food offer currently in the guild is even when every follower is maxed the current food offer would be useless, but replacing the food offer with skirmish/dungeon tickets would make it useful.

Something like:
I: 300 food / 1 Skirmish
II: 350 food / 2 Skirmish
III: 400 food / 1 Dungeon
IV: 450 food / 3 Skirmish
V: 500 food / 2 Dungeon
VI: 550 food / 4 Skirmish
VII: 600 food / 3 Dungeon

Level 30 Locksmith running off of ore already has around a 70+ ticket output per week, so having a way to do it with food after all follower completion would be able to do a similar rate while freeing up the ore for other purposes.


A system like this would really go far to at least keep me playing as ther would be more incentives.

Agree with your comment. That was what I was getting at earlier. The game can’t sustain if destroying things that were painful to get in the first place, is a “normal” thing. Recipe for disaster imho.

To this point…

This is early access, which is always going to skew farther toward a certain type of player. They don’t expect it to be a common thing, especially once they fully release. But, I’m sure they expected some people in early access to blow through a lot of this. Also, the content is still pretty sparse. So attention is pretty hyper focused right now.

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Yeah it’s very disappointing to have to delete something that took so long to get just to make room for another weapon. I’m almost at max and it’s getting frustrated.

Another point I just thought about which makes it worse is tournaments. Not having an unequip button for equipment means if you want to take part ypu have to scrap good gear or farm for crap to equip then scrap. @Tacet has brought this up before and it’s even worse with the inventory limits

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very true! On the last day after doing my tourney battles, I have created a mini game where i just go randomly do things to get crap gear and clear out my pvp loadouts. This is already a tedious and frustrating thing. I don’t even want to think about being maxed and full. Ugh.

I just use what ever color the tournament is I use that class so I always have one ready so I dont have to play the scrap game lol

It took nearly 4 months, but we got it!


I opened my overnight chests and did a double-take - did those just say X out of 75 for each of spells, minions AND gear? (Northelm Rare L25)

Good change and glad things like this seemingly can be tweaked without needing to be part of a major update cycle.