Another tweak needed on inventory

The fairly recent bump to inventory was good and appreciated. I would argue that it did not quite hit the mark.

The basis of this argument is that I literally have lists and notes regarding what I have and why. I’ve been running at 1 or 2 pieces under inventory and rely on my record keeping to keep me straight on what I can or should salvage. It works. But…

This is a mobile game. While I am playing on my pc with an emulator, I can’t help but think this would suck sooooooo much more trying to micromanage it all on a phone.

Not asking for unlimited storage… but another bump up seems like it should happen.


The current Gear cap at this point is ludicrous and the fact that the developer continues to hang onto it like some sort of beautiful design inspiring people to learn the value of salvaging is just wrong-headed. There is literally no purpose served by it at this point unless the idea is to piss people off so much that they quit.


Yeah, it’s ridiculous.
I don’t even farm anymore because I don’t know what to throw away if I find something decent.
Hard to be excited about a game when you can’t build an inventory of gear that may be good for a specific class/situation that you want to try.


Yes, I think there is a VERY strong consensus among players that inventory needs an increase and/or other storage options
Inventory management is simply not fun


I personally believe, in the current state of the game, a level 50 Northelm should grant a minimum of 450 gear slots. You would expect an end game player to be building sets of every color. Without considering perk variance or the situations requiring double rings, you need 450 slots for that.

When you DO consider perk variances and the double ring situation, the number jumps quite a bit. But I think most people could work with a 450 max.



  • extra characters apparently to reach 20 characters… Even this website REQUIRES more hint hint
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I completely agree. It’s a problem


Since we are encouraged to have more than 1 hero - if we want to be able to get crystals to upgrade followers as an example, then I can’t understand how gear storage Max hasn’t been raised accordingly. And especially now with gear set bonus.

Not everyone needs the same storage - players with 1 or 2 level 50 does not have the same need for gear storage as a player with 5 x level 50.

The game isn’t balanced and something needs to be changed…


I’m constantly bouncing off the storage limit and I’ve “only” got Northelm to L35, which unless you were playing before the follower rework in 0.35 is as far as most of the player base is likely to get, and still requires 4 playthroughs to reach.

With the addition of gear sets - a positive change - there is need for more storage, with some bonuses favouring different classes or play styles.

As well as an overall boost to storage I think there needs to be something linking additional character slots to more storage capacity. Each additional character you have requires more equipment tailored to them, yet the game makes no allowance for this. I believe a stream said there are potentially 2 more classes coming with launch from Early Access, so that’s another 2 x 12 gear slots needing something for their colour combos, and another 2 x 11 new spells.

If I’ve unlocked a Citadel with not just one, but multiple characters, is there not a spare store room anywhere in there that could be used for all this loot?


OMG… I’m so sorry! Mine is only at 45, and its still a living hell, but had forgotten about the who started when equation to this!

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I’d gladly trade some minion or spell storage for more gear!
We don’t need a bump for everything Northelm does. Just the gear part.

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Hey all,

The feedback to further increase the storage cap, has been shared again with the team.

This had been shared before but we have updated our previous report to include the latest addition of gear sets as well.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


I agree entirely. For me, even with all the other problems which exist, the strict inventory requirements are the things that risk driving me away from the game the most. Especially with the addition of set bonuses, the game has turned again back into inventory manager simulator.

It also really forces everyone down a single path to be successful (Only have the inventory space for saviours helms and dragonguard helms, therefore everything else gets trashed).


I played Dragalia Lost for over a year and that game has considerable inventory management. But the thing is, its not absolutely a dragging tedious hell like this game is. It’s organised and logical and very very generous with it’s space provided

@GodlikeNay had a very detailed and excellent post about the whole idea of inventory limitations. I think he had a number of good suggestions:

One possibility regarding Northelm is that it’s possible to leave the current increment the way it is (although x3 is probably more reasonable now instead of x2 currently) but drastically increase the additional gear storage spots at Mythic level. As it stands right now, you spend 15 crystals to get him to mythic, which yields you 1x chest slot and ZERO increase to gear limit and then you must spend another 5 crystals to get 2 more gear spots at 46 and so on, or in other words, 25 crystals for 10 more gear capacity at level 50.

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While I agree that Mythic should provide more than 0, it is also an unobtainable rarity in the current game. The only way to reach it is to have been playing before the design changed (0.34/0.35).

Your new character experience playthrough is a good example showing the current position where players can achieve a max of 15 follower crystals after 5 complete playthroughs, getting most followers to Epic. For storage the real benefits come during the 2nd and 4th playthroughs when Northelm can evolve. Even reaching Legendary isn’t a realistic goal within 6 months - RNG needing to give 5 of the desired crystal across a pool of 15. Mythic needing 15 more for even 1 level - multiple years of chance away. It will come down with planned new characters being added, but for now a distant pipe dream.

What we need is a much more front loaded solution.
Something that buffs initial storage would immediately help everyone.
A buff to Northelm’s per level bonus would help everyone and scale with progress.
A buff to Northelm’s bonus could also step up with rarity just like item bonuses do (+1 common, +2 uncommon, +3 rare etc.) scaling with progress.
An increase tied to number of characters/classes would help as people play more characters.
The Citadel seems an obvious choice - why isn’t there an extra room for more gear? It could be used as an ore/food/gold sink to upgrade storage or other aspects of the game for long term benefits.
Or award more storage on reaching certain citadel levels.

Here’s hoping this is more than screaming into the void and that change is coming.

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This is especially true for those of us who rarely see a crystal in the challenges. I’ve had one good week for that (the week I complained about it. Note to self: buy tinfoil! :rofl:). Before and since? It’s been just a sea of relics.

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Obviously there needs to be other tweaks (recall I agree the multiplier for Northelm should be increased and started by linking to another poster’s suggestions about ways to resolve the issue but still leaving the caps in place). This would go along well with my previous suggestion!

Legendary Northelm then would at least provide ~150 gear cap (assuming 3x instead of 2x) after 5 playthroughs. Of course the buff could be more like some of the ideas mentioned but there also must be something to play towards and right now there is no value in Mythic evolution, hence my addition to the overall conversation.

(I realize that they put in the whole “Here’s a way to use all those Eveline Crystals now” but they could also go with increasing the Crystals awarded to 4 instead of 3. More than one way to skin a cat!)

One other point:

I actually think this is less of an issue currently for newer players. Even with my Northelm at Rare (25) I’m no where near the cap (on my replay account) given the amount of salvaging that is done and the lower quality of rewards. Better incrementing as players play longer and attain higher levels (Northelm multiplier, Citadel bonus, etc.) is the more likely way to resolve the issue.

Finally, the obvious solution is remove the gear cap entirely but I’m pretty confident they have no interest in doing that :innocent: