Why Massive Inventory Limitations?

I do not understand why the Devs have implemented massive inventory restrictions in the way that they have. Does it add anything to the game? Does it improve user experience? Does it make things more fun? I just don’t understand how it benefits the Devs, or the players, or the storyline, or anything.

In most classic RPG games, there is often some kind of inventory management system. You start with a small backpack that can carry 20 items (or whatever). You can usually upgrade that to a Medium/Large/Giant bag, or whatever their terminology is. Those often scale in a way that allows you to continue to collect items without noticeable progression restriction. It also includes some aspect of realism from the context of a wandering hero that has restrictions on what he/she can carry. You can often add additional “bags” that allow you to carry even more items. In addition, many games also have a Chest or Armory back at the Keep/Castle/Citadel that you can empty your mobile inventory into for later use, but you’ll have to return to that location to add it back into your mobile inventory or active equipment. In addition to that, most games that offer different heroes will utilize that Chest or Armory at the Keep/Castle/Citadel as a means to share equipment across all the heroes, but they ALSO MAINTAIN THEIR OWN STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT. That means that if a hero can carry 50 items, then every hero can carry an additional 50 items that may be beneficial to them vs gear that is specific to other classes.

All the good games are designed in a way to allow inventory to scale with what the hero is likely to need without being overly restrictive. Many games make this process completely seamless and happen very naturally through gameplay with little effort or focus. Other games require specific attention and if you neglect it, you’ll feel it. In the end though, they all allow for sufficient storage of what is needed in the game. PQ3 does not currently do this.

In PQ3, you have 5 different heroes that all share the exact same Chest inventory. They have no personal inventory capacity. There is no Armory in the Citadel to empty inventory into. There are no bags that can be obtained to increase inventory. The only means of increasing Chest inventory is through leveling Northhelm, which can only happen with multiple playthroughs of the storyline and is an extremely slow process that does not even come close to keeping pace with a player’s inventory needs. At the point that he is completely maxed, I believe you have a max inventory capacity of 120 (correct me if I’m wrong).

So, how much storage does a player need? Let’s look at what’s available. There are 5 different mastery versions of each item. Mastery has a significant impact on items, so it is reasonable to expect that it is preferential to have an item with the specific Mastery that is most beneficial to the hero you are playing. That means you may need 5 version of any given item. There is 1 weapon slot, 6 armor slots and 5 Accessory slots. That’s 12 gear slots. There are 15 different sets of gear that each offer something in 6 of the 12 possible gear offerings. That’s 90 unique gear offerings. If you attempted to get each one in each Mastery, that’s 450 gear items. That’s nearly 4x the amount of gear than what is even possible to carry with a completely maxed out Chest.

If we’re being completely honest, we’re not going to need 5 versions of every single gear offering. Some gear doesn’t pair well with certain classes or masteries. But, the problem with a game that is almost entirely driven by RNG is that if you get a Legendary (or even Epic) item with the wrong mastery or wrong set type, you’re still likely to keep it because it’s better than other options you have. So the inability to adjust mastery in gear or trade set types creates an artificial need to keep more than what is optimal. Also, with the addition of the set bonuses (which I like), you again have a need to keep gear that itself is not considered optimal for the hero, but the set bonus now makes it desirable, if not even preferred.

So, even if you threw out 30% of the available gear because you don’t think you’ll ever need it or use it for a given hero, that still leaves you with 315 gear items that you may be interested in storing and leveling and evolving. That’s well over 2x what is possible to carry… and I think that’s exactly what everyone is feeling. I posted a while ago under .35 that my biggest frustration in the game was inventory management. Constantly having to figure out what desirable item I’m going to have to salvage. When they doubled Northelm’s inventory bonus, I was very happy… for about 2 weeks, until I maxed it out as well. My inventory is currently at 95 and I’ve been maxed at 95 for weeks now. Every chest I open bumps against my inventory limit. Every new desirable item I get requires me to choose which legitimately useful item in my inventory needs to be salvaged. There is no reprieve in sight. Northelm is sitting at 3/10 crystals. It may be another month before I get him to 10/10 and even then, he only adds 20 more slots. The inventory limitation does not appear to benefit the game and is a constant point of frustration. Please allow sufficient storage capacity for players.


  1. Make Northelm’s Inventory increase 2x what it is today.
  2. Offer an Armory in the Citadel that provides item storage. Base storage at something like +100 with options to increase.
  3. Change gear mechanic so that you find items and unlock masteries. You would only ever need one of each item and that item can have different masteries unlocked.
  4. Change storage mechanic so that only unique set items count toward inventory and you can store all 5 masteries for an item and it only occupies 1 storage space for the unique set item.
  5. Remove inventory increase from Northelm’s function and manage inventory capacity in some other, less frustrating, way. Give Northelm a different, useful, function.

I lamented this same frustration in another thread.

The crystal limitation is completely unnecessary and nonsensical. If you are going to retain such an arbitrary barrier, then at least let Eveline ALSO exchange for crystals, somehow (by whatever nonsense ratio satisfies).

Regardless, Northelm still needs to be increased and/or only the name of the item should count towards the inventory limit and you can have as many dupes or variants as you want.

Either way the current system is a nightmare.


While the theoretical maximum storage may be ~120 that isn’t obtainable for someone playing the current version of the game. You can reach Epic and L35 on your 4th playthrough and then at the mercy of the game to let you luck into finding 5 more of the same follower crystal and complete a 5th playthrough to reach legendary. Only those who played pre-0.35 and the follower reset have Legendary/Mythic.

So at L35 I have 95 storage, and I’m back to my inventory screen after every couple of battles trying to scrap a few more pieces to make room just so I can continue playing. I’m getting pieces that are useful and would be good for another character but I just don’t have the space to keep them.

It was a brief relief in 0.36 when Northelm was increased to 2 per level, but now the addition of set bonuses mean you want to rethink gear loadouts to make use of those bonuses too, with different ones favouring different classes. No longer one primary set to push each character through.

I find it odd that buying an additional character slot does not give you any extra storage.

I would also like to see better use made of the citadel as this seems to be something that does so very little right now. If I’ve got a big castle of my own, why don’t I have a spare room to put all this extra gear? Let me invest resources in my citadel for longer term benefits. Build additional rooms to provide more storage. Invest in more fields to boost food production. Invest in the mines to boost ore production. Pretty much work your way through the list of followers and there is something to invest in the citadel to boost what they do as a longer term sink for resources.


I’m at level 37 and my limit is 55… I wish I had 95 storage… but yes, much room for improvement left…

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Inventory has drastically improved from day one, so I have to applaud that. Yet… I feel you here and think it needs another bump or 6.


Hey there everyone!

Thank for your discussion and feedback on this. I’ve added this to my report and will give this to the Dev Team. I know this is something they have been looking in to this.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

I’m at level 50 and have an inventory cap of 115. I am now salvaging high level equipment because I have no room for it. With the addition of set bonuses, I feel like inventory cap needs to be at least 3x. One complete set is 12 pieces. There are 15 sets and 5 colors. If you were to collect everything, that’s 900 items. I don’t expect to have 900 slots in inventory, but I think that highlights that 115 is nowhere near enough.


@OminousGMan @Jeto
Any feedback from the dev side if this is going to be addressed in the next update?

This is really killing the fun of the game for me now as after every battle I’m having to scrap everything I find, or sacrifice gear intended for another character to store the new piece.

There simply isn’t sufficient space to support sets, weekly rotation of Restricted and Elite tournaments, builds for PVP vs PVE and trying to equip 5 characters with good gear for them.

There is very little benefit to scrapping items, and zero chance of anything other than shards being generated from doing so.


This is really what it comes down to. Whatever the developer was trying to accomplish when this was introduced, it is instead acting as one of the leading elements of growing discontent in the game for anyone who has played the game at length. I hear this over and over that inventory management is the thing that is making people want to quit. If the developer’s intent is that player life-span in the game is 4 months, then it’s working like a charm.


I have to agree here. I get it, there are financial motivations built into mobile games and that is a reality. It is possible to motivate your customer to spend money without making the game (or player) suffer.

Having a larger inventory is a win/win. Giving us the ability to hold more gear sets means that we have more items we want to upgrade, so the chances we spend gold, gems, and crowns is higher. What is the downside?

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The downside is that this inventory limitation was a baby for someone in the studio and they’re going to get a huge ego hit if they back down on it

Hey hey!

Thank you for keeping this discussion going, as it helps us keep the feedback going to the Dev Team.

I know this issue is a frustrating pain point and to that I have some good news to share! The Devs are currently looking at increasing the Storage Capacity which they are hoping to implement it in a future update.

Thanks for all the feedback provided on the Inventory Limitations and your patience on the matter.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Oh yay! Something will be done, sometime. Awesome.

OK, let’s briefly break this statement down:

"are currently looking at " - Haven’t decided yet!
“hoping to implement” - Even if it’s decided it’s a good idea, they may not do it!
“in a future update” - Some time between now and forever!

Thanks for the reassurance!


Thanks for the response GMan. I’m not sure what kind of solution the devs have decided to implement, or even if they have made that decision yet, but I understand some implementations may take some time to code and test. However, it would be nice if in the mean time, they could provide some noticeable relief for what is probably one of the most frustrating issues in the game.

If I remember correctly, the last change came as a mini update and it just changed the multiplier on Northelm. It would be awesome if they could do something like that again, even if it comes with a crystal clear heads-up to everyone that this change is temporary pending a future update that reworks storage capacity. Sounds like something like that could be a win for everyone to me. The players stop hating this aspect of the game, and it buys the devs some time to do things right without having the players hating on the game and constantly asking, “when’s the change coming?”

What’s it like to play PQ3 after a few months?

Every day. Over and over. I can always individually salvage every single piece of gear as I encounter it in a chest which is super fun. But what if I want to make sure I dont already have it? Or I’d like to level it for a few shards; cool I then have to navigate multiple times back to the vault and fiddle with the one or two items remaining that prevent me from playing the game. God forbid I want to use multiple skirmish or dungeon loot tickets; inventory management game commence!

This is the game right now for anyone playing a few months. Constant fiddly choices about what to keep and what to salvage. I’m constantly sitting at max gear because someone thought it was a cool idea to introduce gear set bonuses to enhance gameplay with no increase to storage. And I’m one of the lucky ones with mythic (46) Northelm.

Lastly, this is essentially our game existence “forever” as there is very little additional room for growth currently in vault size (20 more Northelm crystals will get me 8 more slots max, the end). There is virtually no incentive to earn a new piece of gear because I have to sacrifice an existing piece of gear to make room. A gear-based game with no possibility of earning new gear is essentially not a game anymore.

This is critical. It needs an immediate fix. It’s immediately fixable.


I completely agree. This has been the essence of the game for me since about 2 weeks after I started. Here’s a snippet from my first ever post back in July.

Storage is a constant problem. It reminds me of my OP in this thread:

I believe the answers to those questions are – It doesn’t add anything to the game. It creates a horrible user experience. It kills fun factor.

I can only describe the current storage/inventory issue as absolutely horrible.


The inventory limit has really slowed down the amount and way that I play this game. I do my best to avoid getting gear, and I don’t look forward to it anymore. I really enjoy the gear bonuses, and all the aspects that make up gear, but it stops being enjoyable when I can’t plan out how I want my ideal gear setup to look. I can try, but I’d just about need to create (if one isn’t already available) a full item database with all possible evolutions and bonuses to determine the couple of loadouts that I would have to use forever. And I ever wanted or needed to change them, too bad, I wouldn’t have room to have spare sets that I could be evolving on the side to swap over to.

I truly hope that a fix for this is sent out before too many people reach a point where the only option left is to uninstall and move over to a different game.

Long story short, I would be motivated to spend more time on the game if I had a larger inventory.

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The frustration surrounding this issue only grows with time. I’ve completed the storyline with all 5 available classes and done all side quests that offer follower crystals. I’m stuck at 95 for max storage. I have to salvage Epic gear all the time because I don’t have room to store it, but the most frustrating is when I have to salvage gear items that are the correct mastery AND correct set type for a specific desired build. I have had to salvage 4 of those items recently! That ticks me off. There is no guarantee I’ll get those items again. As I shared recently in a different thread, I’ve been farming a specific gear item for over 2 months and still haven’t received it. So the fact that I’ve recently had to throw away 4 desired items simply because I don’t have room to store them is really frustrating.

Can we please get some temporary relief from this issue while we’re waiting for the dev’s designed solution to the inventory problem? @Jeto @OminousGMan

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I got to start the other day by opening my overnight chests, the event dungeon chests, and had to scrap 17 items just so I could play.

In the same boat as others here, stuck at 95 storage and daily scrapping items that are good colour and set items for one of my characters but having to be binned for no better reason than I can’t actually play the game if I kept them.

I come here daily in the fading hope there will be some news about an update… anything… but no.

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