Why Massive Inventory Limitations?

Omg this is my life in this game! It’s to the point I hope my winnings do not include anything above uncommon. (Spoiler alert for any game devs… that is not a good thing!)

The good news (spoiler alert for any game devs… this is not actually good news) is that since there are very few specific gear pieces worth keeping when you have to store them in a cigar box, I can tell instantly if that rare or epic needs to be thrown out. The bad news is that since shards are not actually a thing, I can’t just toss those in the loot screen. I’ve got to play interface hockey over to my hero section to upgrade and then salvage.

This is ::drumroll:: NOT FUN!

It’s bad enough that every battle outside of some pvp (which has its own issues) is essentially the same. I can deal with that for quite awhile. It’s even worse that the actually playing of the game takes so damned long. But for the love of DOG! Please quit making me waste more of my day bouncing around the interface just to destroy my loot.


Not to give them any ideas :roll_eyes: but they don’t even sell storage.

I’ve played games that have done that (usually with an intermediate currency, like gems here.) I did not love that, but at least I could see the point, even if I thought it was a bad idea.

Here I see no upside for anyone in starving us for storage. I’m right on the verge of throwing in the towel. Mainly because of what @Sibelios is describing. It’s constant, now. And its tedious as hell.


Hi OminousGman,
Any update from you or the Dev’s?

Yeah, I’m pretty much at my breaking point. If it was just one thing, I could probably endure for a while. But coupled with the lack of feedback, interaction, and roadmap from the Devs. The fact that several issues are really obvious to anyone playing the game, yet they go unaddressed. The state of the economics of the game… which somebody in charge is driving and thinks is a good idea. Complaining that I’m hearing from the Gems of War community, which is apparently the more developed platform from the same developer. It’s all leaving me with the impression that the things that bother me most about this game are probably not changing soon… or ever.

Hey Everyone!

Just providing a quick update. The Devs have let us know that the Storage Capacity increase will be coming in update 0.38 which will be releasing VERY VERY SOON!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thanks for the update @OminousGMan. That’s the most positive thing we’ve heard for weeks!

More information like this, PLEASE!


Thank you for the update and bonus points for positive news :smiley:

Thank you for the morale boost!

That is some very very welcome news :smiley:


Fingers crossed though! :innocent:

::slow clap:: I totally agree. But I do not in any way blame @OminousGMan for this. They are just doing their job.

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I get that the dev team is allergic to making any useful release information available, but when you make a statement like this, in all caps, and then we’re still waiting, 48 hours later, it’s not a good look.

I’ve been harping on about how you folks need better communication and respect for your players for months now. This is another example of how you’re getting it wrong. You give us vague information and empty promises with no details and no actual action.

Where I’m from, all caps indicates a stressed and important statement. Very very soon indicates something happening in a short time period. Given that the next release is already more than a week later than was expected, based on past releases, this whole very very soon thing made it seem like we could expect it within hours, or a day at most. Since there’s not much chance of seeing an update right before the weekend, it sure as heck seems like a bait and switch to me. VERY VERY SOON is not next week, or later. That’s not even “very soon” when you’ve been on a six week release schedule. How about an actual date for the release? :stuck_out_tongue:


Translates to Monday or Tuesday night this week around 8pm-1am EST.

Been around enough years to know how to translate infinity plus 2 community manager.

Duh @Ketaped, 48 hours is VERY VERY VERY SOON. If only @Tacet had chimed in sooner to spare us all the grief.

Just focus your attention on the important part of the message, and pay no attention to that “VERY VERY SOON!” behind the curtain…


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I now need a new keyboard. Thanks, Sib! :rage: :rofl:

Well, it finally happened. I’m done.

I had posted in the .37 feedback about 3 game breakers that needed to be addressed in the next update.

The storage issue is so bad and so in-your-face on a constant basis, that a real solution needed to be provided. The recent +25 storage as an attempt to fix the massive inventory issue was a stupid idea proposed by someone who is not playing the game and does not understand the problem. It should have been implemented back on October 5th when @OminousGMan posted below as a temporary fix while the real solution was developed.

Hey Devs, go back up to my original post if you need some ideas for real solutions or to help get the creative juices flowing. Regardless, it’s not my problem anymore.

I will throw a little bit of credit toward the Devs for some effort made on helping to address the other 2 Game Breakers. Don’t confuse “credit for effort” with addressing the issue. They say they shortened the Events in an effort to provide time savings. That’s at least effort and acknowledgement of an issue. However, they didn’t do anything about animations or a speed toggle, so almost every other aspect of the game is unchanged. They also nerfed Dungeons so much, they sound pointless… unless that’s where you have your best chance to get high rarity gear, in which case I suspect you’re now going to be required to farm dungeons and skirmishes (it’s speculation, but sounds like a possible time add).

Best effort award goes to addressing “Lack of targeted Progression paths”. Offering glyphs and shards for Marks is a noticeable improvement in my opinion. Although glyphs are still full random, and the shards only target rarity and not type, it’s still better than having no targeted offerings by a pretty good margin. I have no idea how generous Events will be when rewarding Marks, but I assume it will feel very limiting once current stockpiles are exhausted.

I think the overarching issue that is pushing me away though is the perceived distance between the Devs and the game they are developing. It really doesn’t seem like they play the game they are developing.

That means they don’t see the problems we see or feel the frustration associated with those problems. That leaves them to prioritize development time in ways that don’t make sense to the community… and that will never change. They don’t hit that “Your Gear Vault is overflowing!..” message 50 times a day and have to back out of whatever they were in to go deal with that. They aren’t trying to compete in PVP against players that are pulling down 2500 scores in different masteries, with different weapon requirements. They aren’t trying to build different gear setups for all hero classes, so they don’t understand how long it takes to get the right item and level that item, nor do they understand the challenge that inventory limitations cause. They are not in an active Kingdom, so they don’t care AT ALL about the frustrations associated with Kingdoms. They haven’t played the game for 3 hours straight in an attempt to farm something specific like Major Weapon Shards and walk away with 0, or spent a week farming for 300 Major Armor shards and only getting 55. They haven’t spent the time to beat a dungeon at difficulty X to get rewarded a chest that gives only Gold and Food, which are both maxed. They haven’t watched 1000 chests reward Food instead of something else that’s actually needed, while Food is maxed and there is nothing to spend food on. They haven’t dealt with Gems as a scarce resource representing your time/money and invested it in Events, only to end up with a game crash that makes you take a Gem loss for the event. They haven’t experienced 10 game crashes in a single day of playing PQ3, so it’s nothing more than a “Bug Report” in the forum to them… which they don’t deal with anyways. The list goes on, but I think the point is made.

Good luck to those who remain. I’ll miss the Community most. Take Care.


I understand your frustration on this issue and on all the others you articulated further on; I share many of the same frustrations and have said so. I guess the only thing I would say on a positive note is that they have twice made a change to inventory caps and I’m sure they are likely to make a change in the future as well if players continue to push the issue. I have a feeling they are taking an incrementalist approach. It’s not ideal, I do wish they would do more, but I don’t think they are ignorant of the problem.


What constantly frustrates me is their lack of reasoning behind this. WHY are they restricting storage? If there is a good reason, then tell us. If not…!

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Tell, US? That does not appear to be a thing, here.

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