Update 0.37 (Patch Notes)

But you STATE that the poster is wrong because you seem to KNOW that the bug fix mentioned referenced a co-op bug fix. You don’t KNOW! You presume. Completely different.

The bug is definitely still happening in .37 for solo play. And the bug fix references “when the timer reaches 0”, which is solo gameplay not the co-op issue that you mention!


I have resorted to going through multiple playthroughs to get crystals, and have yet to see even one crystal in my challenges. The rewards are always keys, and evolution items.

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@Jeto, any possibility of clarifying this patch note regarding the specific issue fixed (or not)

Hey all,

Just wanted to clarify, as the matches made at 0 was a bug I reported. This was not a Co Op experience, but while playing solo and making a match as the time hits zero.
Which in turn locked the Gem mid move and then resolved on the next turn, not allowing players to have a complete turn.

Which is inline with other players reports as well.

This is an issue we are currently aware is now ongoing in .37 and I believe fix should be coming with the next update.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Thanks Jeto
Any insight you can provide about when the next update might be rolled out?
And does it have anything regarding citadel resets? :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately I do not have any information I can give in regards to the next update. This will always be the case.

But the feedback in regards to Citadels having the ability to be reset, has been shared!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

  • 17 new environments added for the Story mode Chapters based on the location of the story.

One point specifically about these. Liking the new designs, but can there be a menu option somewhere to force downloading all additional resources for the game when it is convenient to do so?

I was recently away camping with a pretty poor connection in places, and only then stumbled across a new location prompting a ~15MB download. Not that big of a file, but my connection was so slow I could count the 0.01 increases. Naturally the server connection timed out before completion, game reset, and the battle background download started again from 0. I had to give up for that evening until I was back within better cell reception.

Poor connectivity is my fault, but I know some games support an option to force the download of all additional required files, rather than only when you first encounter them.

Big Wins – Things that had a massive impact on the game in a positive way:

  • Gear Sets
  • Eveline Rework with Relics (I hope to see more relevant followers)
  • Expanding saved gear setups from 3-8 and allowing custom names


  • Being able to target specific shards in the shop (30 shards per week is not enough, but it’s a step in the right direction).
  • Being able to target a glyph once a week in the store (although the price is high and full random kind of sucks with the value of spell and minion glyphs being pretty poor)
  • Auto-ending a turn when the timer has started and there are no more moves available
  • Fixing the frozen/locked gem issue
  • Scaling the Alter offerings in Dungeons (ex. 2400 Armor/Resistance instead of 50)
  • Opening the Citadel at level 50 regardless of whether the story has been completed.

Game Breakers That Need Fixing – Things that are so bad, people will leave the game because of them

  • Lack of gear storage
  • Daily Time Requirements / Pace of game (this is related to animation/speedup discussions and impact of massively increasing armor/health of enemies)
  • Lack of targeted progression paths (shards and glyphs)(ex. It took me 2 weeks of daily playing to take 1 item from level 25 to 35 – this doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s bad)

Known Issues ignored by .37

  • Lack of ore
  • Everything related to Kingdoms!!!
  • Food deal purchase and purchase caps
  • Lack of drop rate transparency
  • Lack of communication with Devs (start up monthly or bi-monthly AMAs)
  • Auto-ending a turn when there are still remaining spells that can be cast (End Turn button discussion in forum)
  • Lack of solution for providing value to low rarity shards and high rarity shards (see forum discussion regarding shard trading or flattening shard tiers)
  • No exhaustive source of information for monsters, spells, gear, or minions
  • Event Leaderboard placement issues
  • Unfinished rebalance of gear and spells
  • Citadel reset or Ability to redistribute citadel points

New Issues in .37

  • Server freezes and resets
  • Gear sets (while awesome) make already bad storage issue even worse


  • Add more Daily Deal options in Shop – It would be nice to see 10 purchase options each for Gold, Gem, and Crown. This would also provide better value for refreshes.
  • We need more “Big Wins”
  • This is way, way down the list of things that are needed for the game, but PQ3 has some awesome looking gear items and it would be pretty cool to see the hero’s look actually change when equipped gear changes.

The more I look at this, the sadder this statement is. Saying that you will always be absolutely close-mouthed about updates is a really poor reflection of what community engagement looks like. The developer has had success with past games but that doesn’t guarantee future success. Trading on this past success by hiding in a “developer tower” is the fastest way to ensure failure.

It’s been six weeks since the last update and the words “0.38 (or next) update” have not been uttered hardly at all by anyone with connection to the game (except for a couple of possible bug fixes).


Somewhere along the line, the game developers have become convinced that they are protecting the nuclear launch codes, and not making a sophisticated toy. :roll_eyes:

And then there is great wonderment over negativity in the community. Note to the “team”… if you treat your player community as adversaries, they will adapt to that role and behave accordingly.

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Not all game developers. I’ve been a part of a trading card game called Inifinity Wars on steam… it’s had a colored history but the way they have listened and adapted to community feedback to improve their games have been great. There are heaps of examples of studios really embracing their community and building a game around the fans…

… however this game is not one of them, not at the moment anyway

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This is a great example of how one word, missing word or wrong word choice can muck up the entire meaning of a sentence! :woman_facepalming:

In my case, the word missing is “the.” I’ll fix it. Most of the games that I’ve played over the years, have had a lot of communication from their development team.

I agree. I’ve been part of many other gaming communities and I’ve seen both approaches – those that communicate game details very freely (development roadmaps, drop rates, even complex algorithms that drive core elements of the game), and I’ve seen others that seem to guard every detail like they are Nuclear launch codes. From my experience, the communities with open communication are always happier and more appreciative of the Dev Team and the communities with poor or no communication are constantly frustrated.

To be clear, I’m using the concept of “open communication” pretty loosely here. In several instances I can think of, the communication was actually coming directly from the Devs (through regular AMAs) or representatives from the game (through forums or official wiki sites), but in some instances, there are also unofficial wikis with all the detailed info you could ever want to know about the game including “rumors” of future changes and studio responses to key ideas from contributors that have a known or suspected link to the studio.

With PQ3, we currently have neither official or unofficial sources of detailed game info. The flow of information is largely one way from the community to the PQ3 team, which leaves (at least some) players of PQ3 frustrated and with tons of questions, feeling like they are in the dark.

What is particularly frustrating is that this is early access, which is basically open beta. Then entire idea of a beta, open or closed is to find problems and solve them. But the community here is left listening to the sounds of one hand clapping.

To make things worse, the game went to EA in a very very privative state. The community said, ok! They rolled up their sleeves and made good faith efforts to document things objectively. And that’s just the bonafide bugs! Others, like @Sibelios and @Tacet have gone past bugs into “design catastrophes.”

Crickets… :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

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patch .38 when

i need a reason to come back

also buff Shaman ffs .37 made him WORSE and I was literally unable to progress the story

getting him to 50 to unlock the citadel won’t fix my issues with being able to finish the story

also scale spells up with level like weapons and armor because the meta hasn’t changed since the stun nerf and that makes gameplay stale

also where’s the in game reference to my PQ1 achievement I earned that shit

Eveline’s Relic Exchange was the big win of 0.37. Gaining a full set of Epic armor/accessories/spells/etc. is no longer an issue. Access to the Citadel pre-finishing the story is big as well, as that allows for additional power jump to assist in finishing the story that did not exist before. For example, early access to the + %Armor traits buys the player additional time to get their looping sequence activated. Often that extra armor that buys 1 additional turn of time is often the difference between a successful run and a failed one.

Also, Bone and/or Relic rings are your friends here. Perhaps a Savior’s Helm also for a fast start.

Shamans can be scary powerful if given enough time to build up power. Sample screenshot posted above (not my best damage output by a considerable margin, but representative enough to demonstrate this point). The trick is surviving long enough to build up Thanos/Goku-tier power levels. There are multiple ways to achieve this based on how you want to build your Shaman.

Can you post your build / set up items to your Shaman Lyrian?
I am very interested and surprised to see such a big damage with this class.

thx !

For big damage, there’s not much of a secret to discuss. It’s how the Shaman class is designed to function.

Shamans are designed to start weak and build up damage potential over time. This is achieved by stacking Jujus on the player, which accumulate over time as a run progresses. Currently, in 0.37, there is no cap on the stackable limit of Jujus. There’s a point where the damage gets to be so high that enemies just die, which serves a form of a damage limit. But, if you can get there, it is a mostly irrelevant limit. As event dungeons have the longest runs currently, Shamans have the most time to snowball stackable Jujus by the final boss, which can result in damage numbers such as what is posted in the screenshot.

Of course, as with any update, if there is the re-balancing expected in 0.38 with spells and items, some mechanics may change. Relic Ring stacking to speed up Ultimate generation and Juju potion creation could very well receive the nerfbat in 0.38.

That said, there are multiple ways to pile up the damage on a given turn. This can be said for any class and not just the Shaman, look for gear that provides secondary effects for matching the desired color of the class. In the case of the Shaman, that is Green. So look for gear that provides secondary effects when Green is matched. For example, Juju potions count as Green matches (that’s a trigger)… which spawns more green gems that could match again on the same turn (that’s another trigger potential), which could skyfall more green… and so on. (Side note, Assassins can do the exact same thing with their Ultimate and Purple gems.)

There are posts about players generating too much Speed on these forums. But, what about other, more beneficial stats such as Power, Crit Chance, and so on? There’s plenty of gear out there that can do this now (and likely more once gear effects are rebalanced fully). Loop those stats up and you can start doing some big damage by the end of each run.

Thx Lyrian

you play with royal longsword fir buff power?

It became too hard. It’s a mobile game. It’s supposed to be easy and fast to have fun.

Isn’t even there a real time pvp battle. What’s the point to make it harder and impossibile to complete.
I’m going to replay the original puzzle quest 1. You guys lost your way.

Very disapponinted.