Update 0.37 (Patch Notes)

Apparently we get drastically different challenges. 3 crystals in total just sounds like terrible luck. I’ve obtained nearly twenty crystals from challenges so far (and only one crystal from 0.35-0.36 Eveline ever, in hundreds of attempts). At least that explains the mixed opinions to the Eveline change.

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Yeah I think my count since the intro of Challenges is 22

Incomplete thoughts on the shop,

Waiting for today’s daily reset to see if there will be an equivalent to GoW’s original incarnation of the Dungeon of Luck to offer some sort of bread crumbs thrown to players. The shop appears to be on a weekly schedule, rotating through each color Monday → Friday, with Saturday focusing on all-encompassing bundles, Sunday ->> ???.

Otherwise, the progression path for players set forth in 0.37 outside of the P2W route is very narrow and players are forced to play Eveline’s very expensive game to make any high-end upgrades at an extremely slow pace.

Chew on this: To obtain a single Mythic relic of choice, the player needs to give up 8 Legendary Relics, 4k gems, 5k gold, 3.5k ore, 9 Eveline crystals (better start buying the weekly single crystal offered in the shop), and 5 days of crafting time.

Repeat cycle 4 times, as 4 Mythic relics are needed for the ascension, so multiply all above costs by 4.

And that’s the relic portion of the formula. There’s still the Glyph situation. If there is no “pity” Sunday Glyph for Gems in the shop, then in the current state of the game Mythic ascensions are 99.9% pure Pay-2-Win (as the Shop so far focuses on selling the needed parts for a Mythic ascension at very high prices in strictly Crowns only). Similar to GoW, it’s “technically possible” to obtain a Mythic for free via planning and Gems, similar to pulling a Heart of Rage from the Vault pre-GaP. Good luck with your sanity though.


To note that without the lvl 60+ challenges, that number would be dastardly diminished though :slight_smile:
I have gotten 3 crystals from Challenges so far, though seen many more I could never attain in the last two options.
So for newer players, the crystal starve will remain a thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Happy to hear that it’s not so bad later on though.

Called it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Priced around the middle of the pack for range of gem prices in the shop for Glyph daily deals, at 1700 Gems. As expected, the cost of paying Gems for Glyphs instead of Crowns is the loss of control in which Glyph the players receives.

In true classic GoW Dungeon of Luck style, it’s a pure gamble on the dice roll (which is the theme of Bundle offers for Sundays). Sometimes you win, sometimes you dont. I rolled a Minion Glyph (womp womp). Though karma made up for that by finally coughing up a (Armor) Glyph out of the Event Dungeon. I’ll just say that’s what I rolled and call it a day on that.

The calculus on the situation is still poor, although that’s kind of the idea. If the situation was not poor, then there would not be an incentivizing motivation to purchase various upgrade things from the Shop. But, at least the situation has moved from nigh impossible to “So, you’re telling me there’s a chance” possible, which is about as good as it is going to get for non-spending players.

I can personally attest to the fact that this bug has not been fixed. This error has occurred repeatedly during battles on a daily basis since this update came out. Has this been reported as a bug yet? I couldn’t find out from my search.

Can you provide some context for observing this error?

This is a co-op play bug fix, and as far as I have observed, the issue that Salty mentions has been fixed. I’ve been able to duplicate the situation where that bug fix applies, and that issue does appear to be resolved in 0.37.

Where does it say in the patch note bug fix that this is related to co-op game play? The description as I read it relates to the scenario where you are in the middle of moving a gem to make a match, the timer hits zero, and the gems are frozen in a state of movement. After the enemy takes it’s turn, the gem movement then completes, and if it creates a match, the turn timer will start, preventing you from casting your spells during that turn.

If the scenario that I described is the issue that was supposedly fixed according to the patch note, then I can also confirm that it has not been fixed and that this is still an issue.


The error doesn’t just occur during co-op play, it occurs during every type of battle in the game. Why only fix this really serious bug for co-op play and leave it for every other kind of battle? This is a huge error and it caused so many frustrations during gameplay. It causes players to even lose battles because it blocks the opportunity to start your next turn by casting available spells. It also denies players the opportunity to strategize prior to the commencement of their turn.

Also, the patch notes did not indicate that this error had only been partially fixed (only during co-op play vs. all gameplay).

As for context:

This is an error that occurs when a player tries the make a match but the timer zeroes out before the match is recognized by the game, so it freezes the gems even after the turn ends, Then after the enemy has their turn, the match is completed and recognized by the game, not allowing the player to cast any available spells before the matching portion of their turn begins. It often happens very quickly, which means that the player also loses the opportunity to make as many matches as would otherwise be possible. This is a very serious bug and needs to be fixed across the board throughout the game.

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I can also confirm this is still an issue. Never experienced it before yesterday, but I saw it yesterday. Happened exactly as Sibelios describes. I basically lost a turn.

Where does it say in the patch note bug fix that this is related to solo game play?

The context vague patch note can be validly read in either direction.

From my interpretation of the line, in which I have personally (as well as Lyranica) observed is a remedy of the following issue:

  • In 0.36:

    • When multiple players are fighting the same opponent (such as a mini-boss or boss), and when one player defeats that opponent…
    • If other players were in the middle of making their moves when the game recognized that the opponent was defeated, then the other players would be forcibly moved to their next opponent.
    • When those players reach their next opponent, the game state of the board that was in mid-match is immediately resolved, costing those players their opening turn against the next opponent.
  • In 0.37
    • The first two sub-bullet points are the same.
    • When those players are forced to their next opponents, the game takes an internal snapshot of the game board before moving to the next opponent.
    • When those players are presented their next opponent, the game presents those players with the internal snapshot of the game board that was carried over as a new turn. Matches that were made in-mid turn on the previous opponent are carried over in an unresolved (but locked) state until those players complete the new turn.

I believe we are talking about different bugs here. Perhaps @Jeto can ask the dev team for clarification about the state of both issues?

The patch notes are mentioning a timer reaching 0, as opposed to mentioning other players killing off the enemy you were fighting.


But you STATE that the poster is wrong because you seem to KNOW that the bug fix mentioned referenced a co-op bug fix. You don’t KNOW! You presume. Completely different.

The bug is definitely still happening in .37 for solo play. And the bug fix references “when the timer reaches 0”, which is solo gameplay not the co-op issue that you mention!


I have resorted to going through multiple playthroughs to get crystals, and have yet to see even one crystal in my challenges. The rewards are always keys, and evolution items.

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@Jeto, any possibility of clarifying this patch note regarding the specific issue fixed (or not)

Hey all,

Just wanted to clarify, as the matches made at 0 was a bug I reported. This was not a Co Op experience, but while playing solo and making a match as the time hits zero.
Which in turn locked the Gem mid move and then resolved on the next turn, not allowing players to have a complete turn.

Which is inline with other players reports as well.

This is an issue we are currently aware is now ongoing in .37 and I believe fix should be coming with the next update.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Thanks Jeto
Any insight you can provide about when the next update might be rolled out?
And does it have anything regarding citadel resets? :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately I do not have any information I can give in regards to the next update. This will always be the case.

But the feedback in regards to Citadels having the ability to be reset, has been shared!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

  • 17 new environments added for the Story mode Chapters based on the location of the story.

One point specifically about these. Liking the new designs, but can there be a menu option somewhere to force downloading all additional resources for the game when it is convenient to do so?

I was recently away camping with a pretty poor connection in places, and only then stumbled across a new location prompting a ~15MB download. Not that big of a file, but my connection was so slow I could count the 0.01 increases. Naturally the server connection timed out before completion, game reset, and the battle background download started again from 0. I had to give up for that evening until I was back within better cell reception.

Poor connectivity is my fault, but I know some games support an option to force the download of all additional required files, rather than only when you first encounter them.

Big Wins – Things that had a massive impact on the game in a positive way:

  • Gear Sets
  • Eveline Rework with Relics (I hope to see more relevant followers)
  • Expanding saved gear setups from 3-8 and allowing custom names


  • Being able to target specific shards in the shop (30 shards per week is not enough, but it’s a step in the right direction).
  • Being able to target a glyph once a week in the store (although the price is high and full random kind of sucks with the value of spell and minion glyphs being pretty poor)
  • Auto-ending a turn when the timer has started and there are no more moves available
  • Fixing the frozen/locked gem issue
  • Scaling the Alter offerings in Dungeons (ex. 2400 Armor/Resistance instead of 50)
  • Opening the Citadel at level 50 regardless of whether the story has been completed.

Game Breakers That Need Fixing – Things that are so bad, people will leave the game because of them

  • Lack of gear storage
  • Daily Time Requirements / Pace of game (this is related to animation/speedup discussions and impact of massively increasing armor/health of enemies)
  • Lack of targeted progression paths (shards and glyphs)(ex. It took me 2 weeks of daily playing to take 1 item from level 25 to 35 – this doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s bad)

Known Issues ignored by .37

  • Lack of ore
  • Everything related to Kingdoms!!!
  • Food deal purchase and purchase caps
  • Lack of drop rate transparency
  • Lack of communication with Devs (start up monthly or bi-monthly AMAs)
  • Auto-ending a turn when there are still remaining spells that can be cast (End Turn button discussion in forum)
  • Lack of solution for providing value to low rarity shards and high rarity shards (see forum discussion regarding shard trading or flattening shard tiers)
  • No exhaustive source of information for monsters, spells, gear, or minions
  • Event Leaderboard placement issues
  • Unfinished rebalance of gear and spells
  • Citadel reset or Ability to redistribute citadel points

New Issues in .37

  • Server freezes and resets
  • Gear sets (while awesome) make already bad storage issue even worse


  • Add more Daily Deal options in Shop – It would be nice to see 10 purchase options each for Gold, Gem, and Crown. This would also provide better value for refreshes.
  • We need more “Big Wins”
  • This is way, way down the list of things that are needed for the game, but PQ3 has some awesome looking gear items and it would be pretty cool to see the hero’s look actually change when equipped gear changes.