0.38 - Storage fiasco!

Yet again I question whether any of the developers actually play this game properly!!

25 extra inventory slots is not enough. In 0.37 I had 115 slots and was throwing away everything I received from chests. 140 doesn’t make any real difference. You want us to use all hero types. You want us to use different loadouts; different colours; different strategies; but you don’t give us the ability to do so!

At the very least the inventory should have been doubled.

Why is there such a pathetic limit? Please can someone, @Cyrup or @Kafka, explain the thinking behind these restrictions? They just don’t make any sense.


I agree entirely. Repeating my (slightly revised) thoughts from the patch notes thread:

We will likely be right back at the same place in 3 to 6 weeks. Of course this additional 25 is massively helpful, but in the end as we keep accumulating good (and situationally useful) gear, we will need to salvage other gear which we want to try and generate new builds with.

This is a very frustrating part of the gameplay loop and it stifles our ability to try other builds or options.

And due to the way gems are rewarded and the PvP situation, we are required to maintain one of every color of certain items plus two bone rings of every color in order to get maximum rewards. Just the PvP builds alone required for keeping up requires 30 inventory spots. Plus the separate weapons we keep for PvP?

Now we have five classes which we want to build around for different PvE events, where different gear is beneficial. Now we can at least hold all the gear to have one basic PvE and one basic PvP set per character. But what about if we want to try to custom-tailor specific builds to be innovative and to take advantage of class and event differences? A few examples of specific sets:

  • healing sets for burning monsters
  • stun sets for incredibly strong bosses
  • fast farming sets
  • gold farming sets

Why create so many types of armor when several pieces shine far above the rest as a generalist build? Due to the inventory restrictions, we have no choice but to stick to the top-performing generalist builds and complete differing content with the same gear set.

On top of this, we should be given enough space where we can collect multiple gear sets and explore and also not have to trash items every three fights.

Please do clarify why this constant annoyance is so lightly addressed. It needs a real solution which grows with our character.


Well, yeah. 110% agree here as well. The updates in 0.38 basically push you towards more diversity in your use of heroes and loadouts but there’s still no where near enough inventory space. Sigh.

As far as I can tell from my 6 months playing this “game” so far… anyone with the talent to address this in an elegant way has long since left the studio… however if you need a malware-like popup window every chapter to remind you to spend money, they have plenty of managers there to push those ideas in your face

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So, everyone bumping up against the new storage limits yet :roll_eyes:


Sounding off… Forgot to post again in this thread - I just made a new thread instead! :man_shrugging:

Not so much “bumping up against” as “cursing the devs every 3rd fight”

This is patently ridiculous of an issue that they have “fixed” multiple times. It is abundantly clear that they are holding off on an actual solution to the storage situation until they have figured out how to monetize it.

This much is clear, again, because items that are equipped on your heroes remain in “inventory”. Holy crap guys! These devs have created Quantum State Gear!

Just get to it, give me the option to spend 1000 crowns on 50 spaces, because we all know that’s where it’s going, so effing put it in already.

I’m really not am angry fellow,…but your dev team’s incredulous “decisions” on early access are Astoundingly Bad.

Despite the previous increases to the cap I’m still not convinced of any good reason for a cap in the first place. Now and for the past few updates all it seems to be is an inconvenience to players with no upside.

I am still hoping for an answer on why storage limits are fun
I’m really curious about the counterpoint to my (and most other players) experience which is that storage limits are not fun (at best).

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This is the one issue that annoys me most with the game. I’m forever going to my inventory to find 1 or 2 things to salvage so I can continue playing. I even leave chests unopened ready to “collect now” in my chest slots so I don’t have to go through the hassle of salvaging items!
Furthermore I have just made the realization yesterday that to get my inventory over 100 I am going to have to play up to chapter 7 with all 5 classes and complete all the sidequests to go with that so I can get enough gems to upgrade Northelm from rare to epic. Not to mention the 100’s of items I will need to salvage whilst doing this.