No Update 0.38 For You ...?

Dear caller,

Your call is important to us, but currently no one is listening. We would invite you to leave a message on the answerphone, but much like your game progress, it has run out of space.

We will try to get back to you with a response in [garbled] and thank you for your patience.

Update 38 will be with you in…

You have been disconnected due to inactivity. Please restart the call and try again.



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In Memoriam @Traductus


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office still waiting

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mr bean waiting

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Wait a minute. :rofl: I’m still waiting.
ok me wait
me wait
I didn’t know I was waiting till now.

Lockdown ends in Melbourne at the end of this Thursday. Maybe we’ll finally see an update soon

It’s seems like it’s been forever…

Yep, we sure are

We will wait forever

what is taking so long

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Hey, my friend. Where are you seeing these cool developer updates? I want direct access to that!

No worries, @Sibelios . I see where you found that update.


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Ok, so apparently there’s a real update coming with a real timeframe. Getting my post-release disappointment gifs ready :wink:



Seeing “This is the first time Satan has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!” really cracked me up. And welcome.

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I’ve got a laundry list of “must be in the update or I’m gone!”… but ummmm heh. I can be bribed to kvetch another day with an appropriate amount of inventory space! :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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