If you can't move....talk?

I’ve played AAA games with faster updates. Seriously. Not kidding at all. But I’m ok with slow. Some games just move slow on dev. I won’t bring up that I play another game, run by a team of ONE that updates weekly…oops. I did, sorry! He doesn’t have your fancy 3-d that zero people want. But it is a thing that needs more time. I get it.

So you can’t do that kind of update schedule. Maybe just talk to us and let us know where you are? Like a roadmap? Also get a community manager to just :eyes: communicate?

I’m a nose hair away from quitting this game. Not because its ptw (its not), not because its too hard (is but also isn’t?) not because it is boring (SUPER is) But because the team gives the community, nothing. Nothing!

It mystifies me that you don’t get the communication thing. Anyone who actually plays games, gets this. Is this a game made by people who do not play?


I truly cannot understand the self-sabotage here. Thanks for articulating also my disappointment.


At this point we are all certifiably insane, because as Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” (I can’t use Lucy with the football reference again because someone will berate me for insensitivity :person_shrugging:).

We’ve been through this so many times at this point, begging for information, pleading for some idea of what to anticipate, especially those of us who have been advocates of the game despite all its flaws. We will get some sort of morsel of information or small spurt of CX activity which we accept as some sign of better things to come. And then it’s all quite on the PQ front for weeks again. Why should we expect anything different at this point?

As @Tresk said, there are plenty of of small development teams that are much more engaged with their community, providing information, possible changes, engaged feedback, etc on a weekly if not daily basis. The absence of that here is a choice. I have stated several times before that they are trading on earned goodwill from past games taking this approach. At some point the goodwill will be exhausted and then you are left with a spartan game with nothing to look forward to and nothing to talk about.

When we all finally get exhausted about asking for “roadmaps” and info on “the next update” or “meaningful communication”, the game will officially enter a period where it will rely on new people joining the game and actually being engaged from the jump instead of relying on cheerleading from EA players. Is Sirrian confidant that’s where the game is at? If not, then your best hedge is to engage the existing community and keep them interested. Keep ignoring that and it might be game over sooner than expected.


By your reference I am about 1 or 2 nose hairs further forward and now taking a break until/if I see updates that improve the game.

Right now I simply don’t find the game fun. If I’m brutally honest, it hasn’t been for several months, but time invested, a good kingdom and hoping for things to get better kept me going. But blind faith and goodwill from past games can only carry you so far, and for me I’ve reached that point.

I don’t feel I am making any progress in the game any more. XP got wiped out with the v1 launch, upgrades to equipment can take months to farm the right materials, then be undone in a patch or get a crap evolve bonus, and storage which has been a bugbear for so long is still months from being fixed. Update 36.1 showed storage could be addressed instantly, so to dangle that as a six month fix is just pissing on the players.

I along with others tried asking for a roadmap, not just as a timeline for updates, but to give us something to aim at and look forward to for improvements, but something so common for other Early Access titles seems undeliverable for this developer :frowning_face:

Even calling it Early Access feels disingenuous since there is so little engagement with the devs. It is arms length beta testing with a forum, that the devs seem to pick straws to determine whose turn it is to venture in and take a look, let alone actually engage with the players.

I realise that I like the idea of what PQ3 could be much more than what it is now. I hope it will improve, but I’ve also been here long enough to see that they don’t act quickly or responsively to player feedback. With the pace of updates also so slow my enthusiasm to continue playing is burned out.

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Oy. I certainly hope he isn’t confidant of that. Because the game itself is not all that engaging. The story is decent, for what it is. So that might keep a few people interested for a month. The actual game itself boils down to doing the same thing over and over (only real difference being how many enemies for that mode), trying to get things. All of the things you are chasing, just serve the purpose of making it easier to do the same thing over and over to get things. That isn’t horrible. Many many games follow a similar formula.

But… that’s the thing. There is no shortage of alternative grindy games to choose from. Community is what separates the wheat from the chaff, both in game (kingdoms/clans/guilds) and in outside channels (forums, discord, social media.)

Right now the in game community is still borked. Kingdoms serve very little positive purpose, strictly in terms of game play / rewards. To me, it was a huge mistake to not prioritize that. But ok. Water under the bridge. Fixes are planned… soon?

For the developer to completely abdicate controlling the narrative on the outside channels, is just doubling down on the mistake.

I haven’t found the game fun since I finished the story on my first hero. It was still fun-adjacent for awhile. My fun-o-meter is pretty forgiving for these sort of gem matching games. There is only so much “fun” to be had swiping gems around. :woman_shrugging:

And you are correct. Since matching gems is matching gems (meh?), the “fun” comes from progression and social aspects. The social aspects have been super broken since day one. The progression aspect has been back and forth. Currently its way back.

This is what we get instead:

Like, I don’t want to be just be negative at every turn but I really hate these type of statements which are the province of CX teams that are trying to say something but are not given anything to say. It’s so unfulfilling, for them as well I’m sure.


I don’t know if developers read forums at all, because if they did read, they would see how dramatically the number of posts has dropped from early access.
Potentialy great game lose followers.
No news,no interaction with gamers,zero changes.
Good work!!
Keep going.

I just finished the story on my main toon and I don’t really know what to do next. Just grind dungeons for shards, citadel xp, and a lucky roll of the RNG? Meh.

I would really like to have info on upcoming content.

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