DO something even if its wrong

I get the waiting for approval thing (I also get that its easier with less draconian monetization, though :eyes:)

I’ve been playing since shortly after this soft launch. And FFS there have been woefully few significant changes. Wait… plenty of changes to the ole store. So that is covered! But the actual game? It has been a virtual afterthought. A sloooooooooooooow no engagement afterthought.

I am a person who doesn’t believe in ftp. I will throw money at good games. Its my entertainment. And I am still saying why would anyone pay for this ish? Do SOMETHING that fixes SOMETHING. Anywhere.

Or at the least just let us know why you are not.


Things always slow down a bit over Christmas/New Years but we have the next update in the works and will have some more info about that for you soon :slight_smile:

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I’m going to choose to be optimistic then. Because I roll that way. But most people just don’t so… mach schnell!

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Pretty bad choice of image considering we lost the voice of Charlie Brown today…

Sorry I didn’t choose the right day to use a public and familiar image. How disrespectful of me.

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Ironically the title of the thread…

Anyway, this is where we end up when there is not game content/discussion to engage in :frowning:

Fingers crossed for a new update :slight_smile:

Some of us even still play the game instead of just camping the forums to get angry! Crazy!

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Today is the end of the 8th week since 0.39 released (December 6 or 7 depending on your time zone).

To date, no incremental update has taken more than 8 full weeks to release (and has been the most common timeframe for incremental updates to date, like clockwork).

Popcorn equipped and ready for the potential 0.40 update in a few hours.

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I think you mean 0.39. It is fair that you might mistake the two since 0.39 was literally no update at all other than changing the mechanics of the battle pass/crest earnings and introducing download/playability bugs.

Leaving popcorn unpopped as I have zero faith in this development team.

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Yup, my bad. Thanks for the catch on that.

Good catch @Lyrian :stuck_out_tongue: we’ve been holding out for the official release announcement. We will share more information as we get it.