Now that your release has been appropriately reviewed

@Kafka Are you ready to listen to the community yet?

More inventory space? Any sort of “balance” change that doesn’t only and specifically reduce the player experience?

This game had so much potential and you fools floundered because of greed. You have a chance to fix it though. Will you?

Or are you going to walk away from this steaming turd?


@Kafka So,… That’s a no then?

What kind of company pumps up a “worldwide release” on all their social media, and then goes completely silent after this:


…Go ahead then, spend the next 3 months doing nothing but “designing sales” and creating unnecessary graphics that partially blind the players…

All I can do is shake my effing head.

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A few now failed games companies come to mind. But in defense of Infinity Plus 2 on the claim that they suddenly fell silent - I don’t think that’s entirely true. That would imply they were talking to us before launch…


Despite a second launch into “Early Access” it seems the policy remains the same as the first time round

:hear_no_evil: Don’t listen to feedback.
:see_no_evil: Don’t look at feedback.
:speak_no_evil: Don’t respond to feedback.

Now go back to buying an overpriced loot box with poor chance of anything decent, and no storage space to put it if you want to keep it. They were even generous enough to give us a 75% off discount for launch.

75% off our XP that is.


I have to agree with at least the sentiment here - why is there no communication whatsoever? Why not discuss plans openly so there can at least be some hope from our side? Why is the pricing and pop-ups still so predatory? Why are there still blinding white flashes when we open chests? Why are we still punished for wanting to collect all gear-sets? Why isnt player feedback really taken to heart?