Devs - what are you working on?

Do you have a roadmap you can share that gives us some indication of the sorts of things you are working on and even a vague timeline when you hope to hit certain milestones?

Update X will focus on PVP and Kingdom features
Update Y will focus on Daily content and a new feature
Update Z will focus on crafting / evolving
Current target to leave Early Access for v1.0 is month/quarter X
Current target to launch on iOS / Steam is …
Plan to add further characters? followers? story chapters? weapons/equipment sets?

Right now we seem to get an update, have a flurry of feedback in the initial days/week, with some posts getting tagged “we’ll pass this along” but then not much else. Approaching a month after an update there isn’t a whole lot new to discuss that hasn’t already been covered, and we have no indication which, if any, of the feedback given will get addressed in the next update.

There are specific pain points with the game right now - lack of storage, insufficient ore - but those are things that can be addressed by editing a single value. For a roadmap it is looking further at where the game is heading and changes with a greater impact on how we play.

When do you expect to deliver the outstanding part of the rebalance started in 0.36?
Armour, HP and Resistance all got buffed hugely, while items bonuses and spells were ignored. +10 Armour from casting a spell really means nothing when enemies now hit for 10k+.
Spells got hit hard with mana cost increases, but nothing to address their power when HP increased hugely, and you can upgrade some spells consecutive levels for +0.

PVP - have there been any updates focus on this yet?
Kingdoms - likewise - lots of feedback here on things that need to be added to improve the Kingdom experience, make it easier to manage, and not make being in an active kingdom counter-productive.
Citadel - reset has been asked for a while, particularly with the game rebalancing around it. But again lots of suggestions on making this more of a feature.

I get not wanting to give a date for something specific, then getting grief when it gets missed - that’s part of game development. But something to look at to see where the game is heading is a whole lot better than being in the dark and checking back to see if there is any news about a new update on the horizon.


I would love to hear more about these things as well.

@Jeto @OminousGMan – Have you guys ever done a live “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) with the Devs? This is a common practice for many games and helps to foster healthy dialogue between players and Devs.

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Live shot of Developer/Player Engagement Office:



Hey all,

We are currently considering a few different ways in which we can eventually share a roadmap of the upcoming plans for PQ3.
So the everyone can keep track of what we are working on and potentially where certain things are in relation to progress.

At this stage, with early access, things are evolving and changing and I believe at the moment we are still fleshing out the remainder of the year.
But hopefully we will be able to share some general focus areas going forward.

I can share that one of the things the teams is working on at the moment is improvements to Events & Challenge features.

In regards to @GodlikeNay, we had recently just started PQ3 Streams weekly, but as Salty has left the team we are currently taking this time to work on the future of the streams and what we can do going forward.
We had also in the past done Dev Q&A’s on stream, one with our Producer Cyrup and a second with our Animator, Joe.

Unfortunately this was paused due to Melbourne going into lockdown, as we are all currently working from home.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Did the team manage to come up with anything over the past 2 weeks?

Surely now after 6+ weeks of working on an update there must be something they can say they have worked on? Have some idea of targeting a date for it?

Even a “we were almost ready to release it but found a game breaking bug that we’re now fixing” would be better than nothing.

There, I saved @Jeto the trouble of having to copy/paste the default developer answer.


Don’t think we ever got a roadmap, so rather than repost it, just bumping the original post as all the points still stand.

@Jeto @OminousGMan With this week marking 4 months since Salty’s last stream and departure, have the team come up with any new way to share info about the game and where it is heading?

It’s been really quiet over here between updates.