Rough timeline for first balance update?

Hello @Salty and @Cyrup ,

It was previously mentioned that the development team are currently focused on a gameplay balance update.

I was wondering if you might be able to share a rough timeline for when the team is hoping to release this first major balance update?

I’m asking as I currently have multiple players in my Kingdom who are lvl 50, completed story and all side quests, and really don’t have much more to do. They would love to dive into the Dungeons, but currently can’t due to the power level scaling.



I’ve beaten Difficulty X but it often takes several retries to get a board that can complete it.

Biggest issue with no balance patch right now is no one knows what to upgrade or go for. Anything could be nerfed to uselessness or buffed into meta at any point, so everyone is just currently going for the current ultra overpowered stuff that are likely getting nerfed. Longer this goes on the more people are going to get burned by having more of their storage being overpowered items that will become much weaker once they update.

There is also as you mentioned a bit of a lack of end game content. Luckily the lack of balance at least allows max difficulty dungeons to be done, but there really isn’t any content beyond these dungeons.