Roadmap? - Patches, Rebalancing, Updates etc

Any information you can share about rebalancing, next patch, updates?
Just looking for some basic communication please
Thank you for reading

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Hey @Mythos !

We will have some more info about the next update soon and we will cross-post about it in the forums!
Hopefully with that post will be some more expanded details as opposed to some updates in the past :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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I’m calling this out too.

When a developer’s mouthpiece (no direct offense to you Jeto) speaks only in vague terms “Soon”, “Hopefully”, it’s absolute BS.

May as well believe the “Free Beer Tomorrow” sign.

Might as well also call out the overly targeted reply to a single user who is “nice” to ya’ll. That’s crap as well, either communicate, or don’t. Do not play f’n favorites.

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Hey, I’m replying here instead of Jeto today as she’s on leave and I didn’t want to wait to give you a response.

Nothing said in Jeto’s post was due to favoritism and the vague language was partly due to necessity and partly just simply being able to word things better but not intended to be vague.

Sometimes we will tag a player in our reply if either they’re the only person who has posted in the thread, or if the thread has become long and as they were the person who originally raised feedback or asked a question then we want to make sure they see the reply, so tagging them guarantees they’ll get a notification that there was a response, while everyone else can also see the answer.

We do often say something will happen “soon” because if anything happens in the meantime and a date or time range needs to change then people understandably get upset when we don’t meet that expectation. Currently we don’t have a set date for when the patch notes for the next update will be approved and posted but we do know that it will be “soon” so that’s what we share with everyone. This has been raised with the team as something we’d like to start being able to give more solid timelines for even if it’s just a “hey folks, next week” for example.

Regarding the use of the word “hopefully” that was just a slip - obviously we will make sure as much info as we can is provided in the patch notes.

If you have any other concerns about communication, please feel free to DM me here on the forums as we’re definitely open to reviewing it and discussing it internally and taking any feedback from the community onboard (I have been making notes any time feedback about communication is raised).

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1st Point:

I posted almost the exact same thing, even with a seasonally appropriate greeting here: Happy New Year!

To which, I received absolutely no response - presumably because “things don’t get done around the holidays”? (Per your excuse in the other thread you updated moments ago)
In fact, your handy little forum here, shows me that @Jeto has replied to me once - the exact same amount as you - and most of my posts go completely without answer, even when I’m wearing mittens and not asking “the hard questions in game development”.

As for favoritism - I won’t pull the number for Mythos’s posts as you surely can as well. You will clearly see a disparity as I’ve posted more than Mythos and received less feedback. This is Bad Customer Service. This is favoritism. This is Dumb.

Please, do not lecture me about the difficulties of project management. You do not know what we on the other side here bring to the table. Conveniently, none of your team have sought to build any relationship with any of us - with the exception of certain people that we like to reply to - though still not providing any information.

“Other Concerns”? OTHER CONCERNS? Are you kidding me?

Read your forums. This place is a desert of information about the game. What it is, is a whole bunch of people with problems with your game that are being ignored.

So, yes, I have “Other Concerns” about communication. Such as the complete and utter lack of it! Please, for the love of god hire more CMs, or better yet, let your CMs engage and discuss the game.

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So I am a bit curious - apologies if this is a slight derail

Here are my post stats

Where can people check to see a summary of the number of times another user has replied to them? (I can only see a “most replied to” list further down the stats page)

Back on topic
Thanks for the information
A suggestion from me would be to have some broad standard definitions for communication
Soon = Within a month (Very soon obviously shorter than that)
Upcoming = Target date of within 3 months
Later this year = Target date of within 6 months
This year = ummm… This year
Conceptually considering a range of ideas = Blue sky thinking, no timeline

A regular communication schedule has been suggested before - and I still think its a good idea
(I posted about this previously: Storage space - How do I get more? (0.39 Edition) - #6 by Mythos)

In the absence of Streams - perhaps a fortnightly brief update post and a monthly Q&A thread?

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You’re not wrong Sibelios I know :grimacing:

You can see the stats for most liked and most replied to etc on the forum user profiles, I just went and checked both mine and Jeto’s because obviously I want to make sure we’re not playing favourites whether it’s intentional or not and tbh Mythos ranks sort of lowly there (I don’t think you show up at all on mine sorry Mythos) haha.

I’m not sure how accurate they are though because both my most replied to users I’ve only replied to once each.

We’re gonna have a team chat about communication for PQ3 tomorrow, and then review how the changes went in a couple of weeks.

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Thanks for the information - any positive changes to communication will be most welcome (even if it’s just a clearer framework to align everyone’s expectations)

@Kafka I have to say…

I have not always been enamored of the communication here or in Gow, in terms of substance and even tone. But I have to also say that never ever have I felt that anyone of you were playing favorites.

The substance of communication I imagine is not really in your control to a large degree. Infuriating for users but I get it. Bosses… making the rules since the dawn of time, letting people under them take the heat since… also the dawn of time.

The tone? Honestly really mostly good here. GoW? … well that’s not here so, we gotta let that be another thing, I guess.

Favoritism? I haven’t seen it. Not even almost.

If you all could beg the bosses to let you give us some substantial communication I think the majority of us would just be thrilled to death with that. It doesn’t even have to be precise. (I get that pitfall, though) Just a meaningful tidbit between updates would be an improvement.

Now we are after the team chat: Are you intending to share what the changes are?

@Mythos I actually ended up being out on sick leave for a couple of days so we’ve had to move that meeting :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that - hopefully you are feeling better now

To clarify - after the meeting occurs, is the intention to share what the changes are?

Was there any internal communication about communicating with the players?

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Not that I’ve heard :rofl:

haha funny Avenger :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve rescheduled our communication about communicating with the people we communicate with to next week as this week has been a bit hectic and I still need to communicate across these, the Steam forums and our reviews this week so will gather all the biggest feedback about the game and our communication :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I know this is a bit ridiculous. I’m leaning into the ridiculousness. TLDR; we haven’t forgotten and we still want to improve things :slight_smile:


Ok, @Kafka , nice to see that you are communicating with us, though that communication took some time. And this is the communication that we players communicate between ourselves regularly through Discord etc . Please do communicate with us much more regularly, as regular communication always keep people happy.

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