No Community Update?

It was said previously:

We’re shifting our blog releases to mid-month to avoid colliding with Patch Notes releases.

Today is the middle of November. Doesn’t that mean we should have gotten a Community Update today?


a community update would sure be appreciated.

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@Jeto @Kafka Please let us know what’s going on. You can’t keep promising to do better with communication and then immediately dropping the ball right afterwards.

Hey, the community update blog will be posted late November this time.

There was some unexpected sick leave when the blog is normally getting organised which left a gap in our coverage. Sorry we weren’t able to communicate sooner.

Thank you for finally letting us know. But this is like the 5th time in just the last few months there has been no communication when we were promised it, and we’ve had to ask for it instead of being told ahead of time that things have changed. It’s hard to feel that you actually care about us when you don’t bother to tell us anything, and can’t even keep your promise about better communication for more than a week. :frowning_face:


Shows how much I’ve been beaten into submission. This feels almost timely to me! :wink:


Can you tell us that the release of the 1.4.5 version be sooner or later than the community blog update?

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Community blogs are PR pieces and promote whatever the latest PQ3 current thing is.

The pending current thing is Adventure Mode. As Adventure Mode has not yet been released because 1.4.5 has not yet pushed to production, there is nothing to promote yet. Consequentially, the monthly PR blog post has not yet been released.

That said, I would be very, very, very surprised if 1.4.5 did not release this coming week ahead of the upcoming US Black Friday → Cyber Monday weekend.

Community blogs may be pr pieces, but they’ve also a) promised better communication and b) promised the blogs the middle of every month.

Given what Kafka said, I see no reason to doubt their explanation for why the blog is delayed. It means they’ve failed on both a & b, to a certain extent, but I’m not so cynical to think that the delay was purposeful due to a delay in 1.4.5. Cut them a little slack. If they don’t get it out in the next few days, however, I see that as a total failure on their promise of better communication.

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The issue is that it was supposedly a planned sick leave. Meaning they knew ahead of time they would be delaying it, and just didn’t bother to tell us we specifically bugged them for news. I would cut them more slack if they hadn’t done this multiple times over the past few months (like I said in my post). The issue is that they’re continuing their old patterns of behavior. And they’ve already promised us better communication and broken their promise before, so it isn’t the first time it’s happened.


Genuinely, how does one take planned sick leave? I guess for doctors appointments?

It was unexpected sick leave in this case, bronchitis and the flu to be specific!

EDIT: I just realised I typed “expected” sick leave :joy: sorry that was a big mistype it was meant to say “unexpected” :joy:


People take planned sick leave all the time… Surgery, childbirth, caring for family, it’s not that bizarre.


Far be it for me to try to be the voice of reason when people want to criticize CX but honestly if I say something will happen middle of the month, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the 15th. If I say something will be released the 15th, then one would expect it to be the 15th. A response was received on the 16th about a delay which does happen.

Perhaps in the grand scheme of things worth getting feathers ruffled about, this is not one of them. Just my two cents.

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That all makes sense!


It was just a polite inquiry asking if we were getting something that day or not originally. But then they didn’t respond at all for two days, and I had to @ them to get a response (btw, it wasn’t just a day, as I got my response on evening of the 17th, not the 16th). And, they usually respond in just a few hours, so almost 2 full days was a more than reasonable amount of time to wait.

And upon replaying, they seemed to tell us that it was delayed due to a planned absence. Which would have meant they knew ahead of time the update would have been delayed and didn’t tell us until actually asked them for the info. In which case it follows their old patterns of bad communication. Is it worth getting upset about by itself? No, but it would mean they were yet again continuing in the same way as before despite promising to do better, which is worth being at least slightly miffed over (even if it wouldn’t have been unexpected). It turned out to actually be an unplanned absence that delayed things, which is much better that the original situation appeared. Though it still would have been nice to actually know that it was being delayed from when it was originally released.

But yeah, in summary, all I did originally was ask if we should have expected the community update on the 15th or not. And you’ll notice from their response that it seems that the blog was originally planned to be released around that date, so it was a perfectly reasonable thing to expect.

Hi folks,

I’ve just found out we’re going to have to skip the November Community update blog.

I’ve been told we’ll have an expanded December/holiday blog instead.

I’m very sorry the monthly beat is being missed.


Thanks for the update (about there not being an update :slight_smile: )
Looking forward to the expanded December/holiday blog

Any chance of a Xmas Live Stream?


thank you for the communication, it is appreciated. I will look forward to december :slight_smile:

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Aww, that’s unfortunate, but like Namodias said, the communication is appreciated! Will the December one be mid-month, like usual?

I know you would be able to understand curses in German and I also know it’s not your fault … but this is :woman_facepalming: