November Community Blog Status

Hello Adventurers!

I have seen a few people inquire after the November Community Update blog and where it might be. We appreciate the community’s ongoing interest in getting the latest from our team, but due to both unforeseen team illnesses and the focus on delivering the latest 1.4.5 update, we’ve decided to forgo this month’s community update and instead focus on one final bigger community update in December.

We know this isn’t the ideal update everyone was expecting. Our goal is and continues to be providing updates and addressing ongoing and upcoming items in the community, but we weren’t able to do it this month. For that, we apologize.

To expand on the delay a bit further, our team as a whole has been a bit under the weather. In combination with the focus on launching the brand-new adventure mode, we ultimately chose to focus attention on delivering a new update. That doesn’t mean we don’t have updates for you before the year’s end - it just may be a little longer of a wait.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.



While its not the news I and my kingdom would have liked to have heard I can relate.

Oh well do what you have to do. :+1:

And thank you for the feedback and not just leaving us in the dark.

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Thanks for the update (about no update :slight_smile: )
Understand, these things happen - and the communication is appricated

Can I just suggest that you would be surprised to find that a brief update, not much more than what you have written, would have provided us an update

What is being worked on, what is being de-bugged, what topics are in the next update

It’s OK every now and again to skip the colorful images, graphics and fancy headings to just get to the heart of the issue

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Thanks for this feedback! We will definitely keep this in mind as we look towards the cadence of the 2023 community updates!

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Sounds like a promise that before the end of the year we will see at least one new class as well as at least one new follower or NPC … hide and gone :face_in_clouds:

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So should we be expecting a blog post soon?
I have to imagine that your team will be winding down for Christmas soon.

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I was just wondering the exact same thing

Could we get the blog post or a guesstimate on when it’s currently planned to be posted?


We are just finalizing a few items in the blog but it should go live in the next few days.



strong textNice thank you

Thanks for the reply and letting us know what’s going on.