No January Community Blog

Hi Adventurers!

You may have noticed that there has yet to be a January Community Blog.

Our focus for January has been on the significant changes that came with the 1.5 and 1.5.5 Updates. We prioritized providing information about the Action Points Mode and Kingdom changes early, as these changes would impact players the most.

We realized that the two update blogs covered much of the same information we planned for the January blog and decided that it would be best for us to focus on taking in your feedback and plan next month’s blog instead.

The February Community Blog is expected to release at the usual mid-month time frame.
Thank you for understanding.



OK, well thanks for communicating about the lack of communication :slight_smile:
We’ve been saying for a long time we wanted more communication, so we will take what we can get

In future may I suggest putting this type of update up mid-month or prior?
With only a few days left in the month, kind of obvious that the mid-month update did not occur

But to end on a positive note, its increased communication, so thanks for that


Mid-month was 3 days ago :zzz:


They did say “the usual” mid-month time frame… Which means the third week in the month, or maybe next month, no rush really, eventually, right?

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