1.4 The Fallen Order Update Delay

Hey Adventurers!

We know everyone has been eagerly waiting for Update 1.4 to launch today. However, we discovered a few last-minute bugs that need to be squashed before going live.

To ensure the update goes as seamlessly as possible, 1.4 will now go live next week, with the next season to follow just a few short days after. See the updated dates below:

Updated Dates for the 1.4 Update - The Fallen Order

1.4 Update Release: October 26th at 12:01 AM UTC // October 25th at 5:01 PM PDT
Season 1.4 Start: October 27th at 12:01 AM UTC // October 26th at 5:01 PM PDT

Death Marks (Seasonal Currency) will be sent via in-game mail at the start of the Season as a thank-you gift for your patience with this delayed start.

Thank you again for your patience!

Can you at least manage to get the patch notes out today?


or, a rough peek of new patch?

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I mean, that’s reasonable, and I’m glad you’re not pushing a buggy update, but that should have been decided well before the original time it should have been released. And we should have been notified beforehand, not 2 hours after. Some in my kingdom even woke up early specifically for the new update. You have no respect at all for your players. :roll_eyes:

I agree with the others: at least let us see a sneak peek, so we know whether it’s safe to be excited, or get prepared to be disappointed yet again.


Agreed. I’m not upset at delaying something because it’s buggy. The lack of communication is the problem. This notice should have been put out before the expected release time.

For a live service game to succeed, there needs to be lots of communication to the players.
I like this game enough to keep playing but there’s no way I would recommend it to anyone.


This is a much bigger issue that it might first appear


I have thought about this quite a bit lately. I have spent a decent amount of money on this game because of the good will that PQ1, PQ2, and GOW have earned the studio. That good will has been completely depleted by poor execution of even the basic parts of the game.

If they cut all of the prices for shop items in half, they would still be way too high.

Simple sloppy errors in the game that seem to take no priority to get fixed (Warlock ultimate spell being the worst one), but they sure do act fast to fix it when it is discovered that you can get ancient coins at a greater rate than intended.

Lazy programming for PvP that has devolved into 0-turn builds ruining the experience and motivation for other players.

Lazy implementation of end-game Kingdom Defense that has led guilds into requiring that we hold back on the only mode that would actually be fun to go full tilt on. Not to mention that immune dragons basically turns the whole experience into a skull damage one trick pony show.

Bug fixes (except those that help the player base) are no longer being live fixed in favor of bundling them into the next release content. So now instead of enjoying new content fully we are going to spend time doing some beta test verification of old bugs.

All of this leads to a fervent player base that is so disillusioned that they cannot in good faith recommend this game to their friends. If this continues in this direction the player base will shrink, revenue will dry up, and the game goes bye.


You’re right. We would’ve liked to have given you more notice about the date change too. We all got to work this morning expecting to release the update. However, quite last minute (quite literally in the hour before we were due to go live) some things were brought to our attention that were very difficult to pick up during our external testing period.

We of course considered whether or not we could still go ahead, but didn’t want to release an update to you that had these issues included. (Softlocks aren’t fun for anyone.) After that, it was a question of when and we didn’t want to send out messaging to you folks until we had a concrete idea of what the flow-on effects would be and what our plan was.

Obviously the situation isn’t ideal but this has (fortunately) been a very rare occurrence so far. Hopefully(!) we can avoid this situation occurring again, but we will absolutely do our best in every situation like it to let you know what’s happening ASAP.

Thank you, everyone!


I think the outcome is the best it could have been (given the choices)
Appreciate the patch notes and the explanation

Looking forward to next week

(Any word on inventory space increases?)


I appreciate the situation and it’s good that you’re now communicating with us and it’s much better to fix the bugs then release it with bugs.

That said it would have been nice to know before the update was meant to be live. The moment someone decided that the update can’t go out in its current state a one line post saying “Things haven’t gone to plan and the update is going to be late, stay tuned for more information” Would be beneficial for the people waiting.


Appreciate the update on what happened. And ah, that makes sense about the idea behind the wait for communication. But for future reference, know that even a quick message that says that plans have changed but you’re still figuring out the details is greatly preferred to total silence. The same issue came up with the inventory slot delay and we said basically the same thing. But ah well, hopefully you can act on that next time.

Also, the release of the patch notes gave us a lot of fun things to discuss, so I think most of us are fairly happy now, even with the delay!


I received in game mail for Death Marks before the season actually started, and when I opened it, it claimed the Death Marks were capped.

Now that the season has started, I do not have any extra Death Marks. Will there be another in-game mail sent out for these?

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@Malumos what is your name code and one of the team will have a look into your account data to see what happened there.

Has the Death Mark seasons “reward” email been sent out already?
I ask because I have not got it

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Apologies, I’ve been in such a whirlwind the past two days!

The mail has not been sent yet, as the Season just started this morning.
@Malumos , can you share a screenshot of which mail you are referring to? It will be sitting in your Collected mail


Hey Jeto, thanks for checking. I just looked for it and am not seeing it. I could be seeing things. All I have in there is the usual and three “Shard Changes” messages. I could of swore I opened one about Death Marks, but don’t see it in there.

I checked your account and if you collected the mail around the time you posted about the Death Marks on the forum here, that should have just been the Shard and Relic conversion mail.

I couldn’t see any logs of anything else that would look like that in the logs.

I also double checked to make sure a Death Mark mail hadn’t been sent out early and couldn’t spot anything so you should be good and haven’t missed out :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! Thank you Kafka!

I haven’t received any Death Marks in the mail. Have they been sent out yet?

We’ve just sent it out :slight_smile: