Requested increased communication

Please excuse any mistakes in this, I’m writing on my phone and autocorrect is a true struggle.

One clear thread I’ve seen through many discussions on this forum is the feeling like we, as players, aren’t being heard. I know that I, personally, often feel like I’m in the dark about the game, ongoing bugs and what the future holds.

I would love to see a roadmap posted, giving a long distance plan for the game and development. I’m not asking for a blow by blow description of what’s being worked on for what release and expected release dates, but at least the broad strikes of what the dev team sees as primary short and long term goals. What’s being worked on, generally speaking, for the upcoming release, would be great, but it would be invaluable at least knowing things like, for example, “short term we want to work on game balance with fights. Secondarily were looking at the economy and evolution. For a long term goal, were going to add in some more game modes and story.”

By communicating with the player base, it’s easier to understand why some changes were made, while others that we might place high value on, weren’t. Communication fosters good relationships. We’re told that people from the game team read the forums, and I know they can’t respond to every thread, but posting more regular official updates would be appreciated, and please, consider a road map post.