2023 Roadmap Update Request


Hi. Because of the versus / pvp update I guess the roadmap should have an update for now. Furthermore it seems I have missed something here bc of the “earlier announced” things.

What is the next step the team works on the community could expect in the (near) future?

Thank you very much in advance.


Good catch. The Versus and PvP update seems to have been moved forward at the expense of other things. Would like to see this updated too…

An update would really feel good, because I am missing:

  • new time-line for Gear & Spellsystem improvements
  • any time-line for changes to Co-Op
  • any time-line for changes to Citadel



giphy (1)

At last, we have an update! It will be in the form of a very long, extensive blog post which we will cross-share here. It’s been written by our Producer, which I am very appreciative of! They were able to spare some time to share some information that I wouldn’t necessarily have :sparkles:

Going into details about how the “roadmap” is changing and why as well as updates on some major points of content we are working on.

Expecting to get this posted by the end of next week.