2023 Roadmap [In Progress]

What is this Roadmap?

We all like specifics. But live service development comes with a lot of “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”. The further we get away from the present, the more “unknown unknowns.” As PQ3’s Time Wizard, I would love to specifically and in great detail be able to guarantee what’s coming up from now until 3.0, but this is beyond even my power.

So, rather than trying to be super specific about features in some places and super vague in other places, what we wanted to do was share with you fine people what our big goals for the game are this year.

What you’re looking at here is a general idea of roughly how long we think it’ll take to bring each of these things together.

Some of these will have smaller features released over a longer period of time, while others will see one big release all at once.

Does this mean this is all we’re doing this year? Nope! We’ve got room for a bunch of other stuff, these are just the largest things we want to hit in 2023…

To be continued…

:exclamation: Please note, this thread is locked at the moment as we will be updating this post once the blog is completed! It would be greatly appreciated if you please save any questions/comments once this thread is unlocked and filled with information. Any threads created will be merged into here or closed until the blog is shared.

Unfortunately, we are currently deep in console submissions and as this blog will be written by a member of the development team the blog has been unfortunately delayed.
I didn’t want to miss at least sharing the image with everyone as we had mentioned on stream that we would release it today. - Jeto

Further note from the Time Wizard: I’m sure you folks have a lot of questions. So I’ll be following up with some notes for you about what issues we’re trying to address or Cool Stuff™ we want to try and achieve, with each of these chunky things mentioned above! Thanks for your patience while we’re all getting finished up with console! I’ll try not to leave you hanging too much longer.

This thread is still locked but not forgotten!

Now Puzzle Quest 3 is released for console, out of early access on Steam and with 2.1 around the corner, we will be returning to finish this blog!

Also, as finishing this has been delayed longer than any of us anticipated, we will also try to include some sneak previews of the changes we have planned for PVP!

Just a reminder, these are a rough idea of how long each task will take to complete and then release! As always, subject to change.

This will be posted in a whole new blog/thread