Stream Quest (Developer Stream Schedule)

Ahoy, questers!

This is our developer streaming schedule. We will be streaming Puzzle Quest 3 content periodically, and this thread will be updated regularly to let you know when we are planning to go live.

Our Twitch channel is here.

EDIT: As I am leaving, our streaming schedule is changing. Our team is looking into how they want to continue with streams in the future.

22nd September 6 30 PM PDT: Salty’s final stream! She will be streaming GoW + PQ3 to say goodbye.


Countdown to the first stream

That’s great news. Thanks Salty!

Any chance that stream schedule could be adjusted to a more European friendly schedule or if not possible could there be some place we could post questions you would potentially answer during streams?


Unfortunately we stream during our office hours, so they won’t change. I know this is inconvenient. :frowning:

We are looking into doing Dev Q&As for PQ3 in the future, and you can always pass on your questions to other members of the community to ask on your behalf for them. (Please keep in mind we don’t answer every single question posed on a normal stream, as if we did we wouldn’t be able to cover what we want too.)

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Whoever is in charge of balancing the game, would love to see them on stream before or soon after the first balance patch.

Exterme Michael Buffer voice

J/k :innocent: Looking forward to the stream.

We have to delay the stream half an hour to an hour. Will update when I have a firmer timeline. A few things outside of our control have affected us and we need to resolve them as quickly as possible. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience.

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ugh… was looking forward to a stream I could be awake for. Annnnnnnd no. haha. But its all good.

It’s live now for anyone waiting

Stream was really awesome! Thanks Salty and Steve for generously dropping hints and thoughts on the future of the game. Cheers on the first PQ3 stream!

The stream was great today! I’ll have to write up a full summary based on the VOD but we got a lot of great info.

Some of the main points I remember:

  • v0.36’s new gamemode will be a rework/replacement to Skirmishes, where players replay old missions with daily opportunities for rewards like Crystals and Relics
  • The large number of Relics was justified by Sirrain as granting the fidelity to finely tune resource income for higher and lower rarities.
  • That said, the team are looking into ways to avoid the glut of dead currencies as seen in Gems of War. Sirrain explicitly mentioned adding multiple uses for Relics.
  • Set Bonuses (imagine if having a full set of Guard’s armor gave a powerful bonus) were mentioned as a feature that the team really wants to implement.
  • A bunch of balance changes, particularly to Shaman, have been hinted at.
  • Salty referenced HuniePop.
  • Sirrain and Salty reacted to the idea of the Gear Unequip button as though it hasn’t been considered before chat brought it up. It seems likely to come in the future though.
  • Next week we have Joe (not Cyrup!) on to talk about animating the game.
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Minigames! It also sounds like new minigames are being considered for future seasons. Think treasure runs in PQ1/2.

Also we may have the ability to change character appearances in the future (including weapon color).

Another one that was mentioned: Gear Storage limits exist for game theory reasons. It’s to encourage people to salvage their gear which keeps shard income where the devs want it.

That and the larger the gear capacity, the greater the server load. Most players will have more gear in their inventory which is more info to store.

I do agree that early-game, having stricter gear limits makes sense, but a buff to Northhelm (+2 gear slots per level instead of one) would give late-game players the freedom to explore a variety of builds while keeping new players interested in salvaging their gear.

Side note if the devs are reading this, Spell and Minion storage are NOT problematic at this point in time, especially since the changes to the former mean you need much fewer of them on hand. I have almost every spell I really want and I’m only using half my Spell Vault space.

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I’ll believe that when I see it. XD

While the game is likely to still go through a lot of changes, PQ3 currently has the dead currencies of food, gold, 17 runes, 17 scrolls, and up to 15 follower crystals once all for a character are obtained.

That is up to 51 dead currencies in the current state of the game based on accumulation rate relative to things to spend it on rate.

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Here’s a VOD link for those who want it

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Overall I was disappointed with this response but I hope that this idea of “collectability” really comes to fruition because functionally its pointless otherwise. Just increase the number of a single dungeon relic needed each tier to control progression

Very surprised to see the reaction to this. Unequip has been requested for a long time already. Equally disappointed that the idea of a Citadel Reset is just that: an idea. Many people have been making choices for Citadel point allocation to avoid a potentially game-breaking bug. It would have been nice for there to have been some more urgency on this issue.

At one point (23:26 time stamp), Sirrian began to repeat the misleading idea that Relics could be found in a couple of primary ways, but then Salty derailed him with Toragon chatter. As I have repeated over and over, the drop rate of relics from dungeons is virtually non-existent. It is not a primary means to get relics (as was inferred in the patch notes), its not even a secondary means to get relics. It’s a virtually non-existent reality that Relics can be found by running dungeons and yet it keeps getting repeated as if its a functional part of game play.

In a nod to @EliteMasterEric I will finish with a positive note: I appreciated that so many questions were taken and answers given. It could have just been a whole stream of “who’s your favorite character” (which is interesting!) but I’m glad some thornier issues were discussed.

Thanks @Salty for hosting the first stream. Looking forward to the next.

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Starting mana percent from citadel has not worked properly in a single version of the game yet. First it did nothing, now it does worse than nothing. I have avoided ever putting a single point into it due to how bad it has been to do so, yet having it is one of the most important perk options currently within the game.

It would appear that almost everything they prioritize for patches are for long term goals rather than short term, which makes playing and testing the game in the current state exceedingly hard since it leaves so many things broken.

We have some fixes for starting mana coming in 0.36. It should fix everything, but one thing we know from experience is that even when we test thing, when you set loose a much larger number of players, sometimes a strange interaction can be uncovered.


Disagree. My spell inventory is maxed at Legendary Northelm, I have no duplicates of any spell, and I am continually throwing away new copies of spells that I am obtaining.

The current limit might be okay if a player is only playing a single class. However, the limit is quickly reached when playing multiple classes, as each class has unique spells. Plus, as stated on yesterday’s stream, there are more classes coming in the future which means even more spell inventory will be needed to hold their spells as well. Even further, the game’s achievements award players for maxing out class specific spells, so that is incentive to not throw away perceived “useless” class spells clogging up spell inventory spaces.

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