A Year of Adventures - Happy Birthday PQ3

It’s been 1 year since we all joined the Dragonguard!

There have been so many improvements and changes to Puzzle Quest 3 this past year and none of it would be possible without you, our passionate adventurers and the time you spent playing and sharing your experiences, thoughts and ideas with us.
So we’re raising a tankard to you friends! Thank you for coming on this adventure with us.
We’ve loved hearing your stories and playing co-op with you. We’re looking forward to even more adventures with you and can’t wait to share our plans for what’s next!

Stay tuned for our birthday celebrations coming mid-March!

Additionally, from me (Jeto) & the CX team a huge thank you all for your patience and support this past year! Along with some big news in the pipework, we are going to be sharing our roadmap soonTM.
Due to some last minute changes and additions, we were unable to share this with you sooner but I’m excited for what’s to come!

Keep your eyes out on our PQ3 socials over the next coming weeks for heaps of announcements & giveaways, but we here in the CX team will be cross posting what we can so no news is missed.


Any chance of 2.0 news or teases before the Team heads off for the weekend, or is the update going to remain in super secret squirrel mode until next week?

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… it’s funny you ask today


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I just wanted to say thanks for the follower crystal offer a few days ago. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a pat on the back.

I understand the need for RNG in this game and the randomness for awards. But this was an excellent idea to help people compensate for their RNG luck. I personally received waaaaaay more of some of the not so useful follower crystals than other more useful crystals. The offer wasn’t just a discount for random follower crystals but gave the ability to select which follower crystals the person needed. Awesome.

The daily shop glyph deal is just as welcome. Buying a couple of glyphs for 1700 gems and then getting 2x minion ones or a minion one and either a weapon or spell glyph when you needed armour glyphs was pretty upsetting.

Thanks Again :smiley:

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To be fair, that was the same as 11 days ago :joy:

If its not out in another 11 days and you get asked again, will it also be SoonTM?


Tbh and to be fair: I am sosTM (sick of soonTM). Imho this behaviour is everything but not professional at all. Yes, I know milestones may vary here and there and an exact date isn’t for sure. But at one point there has to be some sort of “We aim for week XY to give you all some insights of what will come up next.” to show a little bit of “Hey, we are here for you (the community).”

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