Will we see a 0.39 update before the end of this year?

I know we never get specific update details regarding dates
Is the intention to provide another update this year?
(really need something on the horizon to keep me motivated)

And now that you are hear reading this - any word on a live stream/AMA/etc?

I think real community engagement left with @Salty . @Jeto et al are collecting bug reports and such and making a good attempt at engagement. But without a real community manager I don’t see streams and such being a regular thing.

Hey all!

Currently the plan is to release 0.39 pre Christmas, so there hopefully will be some news on this coming soon.

In regards to more social fun things such as the stream, since Salty left now the CX Team as a whole is taking this opportunity to revise our content plans and idea - Both on PQ3 and Gems of War.

Ideas cover streams, social posts, video content etc.

Something we are very keen to get back into, especially the streaming - or at least it is something I personally am very excited to get going again!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks for the update - Fingers crossed things go to plan
Please keep us updated regarding the social aspects - be great to hear the plans and see what is developed


This was already given as an “update” 6 weeks ago:

It seems like after 6 weeks there might be something specific to be offered.

There is no CX effort at this point until you actually demonstrate it. Saying it’s in the works over and over is poor form.

in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works
in the works

The fragment itself is surprisingly form-fitting. However, it means nothing.

Any news?

And regarding inventory storage - is something (anything) in the next update to address it in some way?
Not looking for details, just hope

Since November 15, there has been all of two posts by anyone on the CX team.



No, and personally skeptical that any news will be released before the update as that is normal for the devs.

If the devs are following the normal eight week release window, that places the update on the 22nd AUS / 21st US. However, that’s during Christmas week so there is a possibility that the update might arrive a week earlier to avoid the Holidays.

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I predict the update will be today :upside_down_face: