Stream Quest 3 (Official Developer Streams)

Hello everyone!

Here is the new thread for official Puzzle Quest 3 streams hosted by us!

We will post here whenever we have any stream announcements, opportunities to share your own stream specific feedback and post fun clips.

In future, as the stream develops and we are back in the office, there will be some more consistency to future stream planning.

First steam since the official release with me:


Jeto is live now! Please join us as we preview the new update 1.1 content!

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Hello all,

Just thought I would give a quick update for the stream! We were intending on doing a v1.2 stream but unfortunately, I have been pretty under the weather the past few days so I have had to cancel :smiling_face_with_tear:

In saying that, there are some streams in the works & not just hosted by me. So keep your eyes peeled.


Thanks for the update (and the teasers)
Hope you feel better soon