Devs - what are you working on?

Hey all,

We are currently considering a few different ways in which we can eventually share a roadmap of the upcoming plans for PQ3.
So the everyone can keep track of what we are working on and potentially where certain things are in relation to progress.

At this stage, with early access, things are evolving and changing and I believe at the moment we are still fleshing out the remainder of the year.
But hopefully we will be able to share some general focus areas going forward.

I can share that one of the things the teams is working on at the moment is improvements to Events & Challenge features.

In regards to @GodlikeNay, we had recently just started PQ3 Streams weekly, but as Salty has left the team we are currently taking this time to work on the future of the streams and what we can do going forward.
We had also in the past done Dev Q&A’s on stream, one with our Producer Cyrup and a second with our Animator, Joe.

Unfortunately this was paused due to Melbourne going into lockdown, as we are all currently working from home.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: