How's It Going?

Hey All, I had a few minutes and figured I’d pop back into the old game forum to see how things are going. How’s .38 working out for everyone? Based on the Topic headers and a bit of light perusing through some threads, it doesn’t sound like they have addressed the storage issue… super unfortunate, smh.

I was a little disappointed to not come across a recent @Sibelios thread describing in great detail what the main issues are in the game now and how to solve them. Those were always good reads. :wink:

Based on the changes in .38, I was hopeful that the frustration of shard farming would be better. I was also hopeful that the glyph supply would be way better now that they can be purchased with Marks. Have those areas gotten better?

Have there been any updates or communication from PQ3 to improve:

  • Random crashing/freezing
  • Kingdoms
  • Ore Shortage
  • Economy issues regarding Food, Gold, Shards, Runes, Scrolls, etc.
  • Drop Rates / Chest Quality
  • Required Time in-game / Dailies
  • Enemy difficulty (especially for those poor mid-game players)
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It can be summed up like this.


I would say those areas have improved. Skirmish actually ends up being one of the best “farming” options now (ignoring the ongoing Food issue). Over time I suspect Glyphs are in a better place as I suspect as additional game modes are brought out, Mark currency will therefore be more plentiful.

I have not written much lately because not much has changed. 0.38 reworked spells (which in the end amounts to not much change in meta game play), changed difficulty (which doesn’t really impact “end gamers”), and reworked the economy (see above).

These were my thoughts on certain things as of 0.38:

I also highly endorse this thread:

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@GodlikeNay glyphs are way better now but also kind of not because the game still wants to give you minion glyphs and spells glyphs. That’s not exactly horrible but those should be the rare ones and they are not.

Shards are much much better. I’m not sure they are better for a brand new player. But as an early adopter, I feel a lot of relief on those.

  • Nothing that amounts to anything
  • Not one word
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • The time thing was helped a lot in 38. if you are not new, anyway.
  • Some communication on the difficulty. Nothing really fixed

Great to hear from you @Tresk and @Sibelios. I knew there had to be something out there from you Sibelios. I enjoyed the read and the grades. I also really enjoyed the post by @Lyrian. Wow Lyrian, Mythic Level 50 Weapon. Congrats on that! So many weapon glyphs!!! You also had a lot of other great info in the post. I considered going for mythic 45, but even 4 glyphs for the small increment in damage seemed less beneficial than getting 2 additional Legendary weapons for my account.

As I suspected, I miss the community most, which is a little bit odd since Kingdoms are ridiculously bare-bones and Party battles were pretty much non-existent for me as well. Still, I probably spent nearly as much time in the forums as I did in the game… with a lot less frustration ;).

I’ll probably pop in from time to time to see how the old crew is doing. Best of luck to everyone.

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Can’t say I’m surprised. I am honestly surprised about the storage issue remaining unaddressed. That really is a shocker. It is so easy to fix a problem that no one can see any benefit to. If they gave everyone 300 storage tomorrow, what negative impact would exist. None. If I’m really searching for potential issues, maybe server storage… but storage is cheap and it should all be in an indexed database anyways, so the impact should be negligible. The real issue is that once you have 200 items in your storage, finding what you’re looking for could become more challenging. So, they need to build out some decent filters and offer a search… Boom! Solved. SMH. Seriously shocking.

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Good to hear from you @PowerPlay. :slight_smile:
Not really surprised. I wish they would do an AMA with the Devs. I think it could go a long ways towards building goodwill with the community.

Sums up to

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Basically. I can see a server impact with unlimited storage. But just raising it by x3 or x5? No. If they were selling added storage for money, I could see it as a monetization play. I wouldn’t love it, but I could at least see it. But we can’t even buy our way out of the hell. Not cool.