Game is too difficult

At level 50 cant proceed …it is just too hard

Going to go out on a limb and say that although this is likely true, it probably doesn’t meet the feedback criteria they are looking for: :grinning:


I’m very sorry to hear that your having this issue! So we are able to look into whats happening here, if you could please answer the questions Sibelios tagged in there post above.

It will give us more data to understand what is happening.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

it is taking forever i mean to level up things. i saw tacet had everything at level 45 or 50…oh well idk but this is crazy to take this long to play a game. is there any thing i can do besides spend money

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Android, Samsung A52

I starten planning the game about two weeks ago. It was fun and I was able to make a slow but steady progress growing my main character.

Hoever, since the last update I am unable to make any progress. I am unable to win anything. Even skirmish and dunguons on lvl easy. Even when the opponent are indicatie as having the same gear score, for some reason they are able to hit a lot harder then me. If you want players to play your game this needs to be improved. If you cannot win battlesyou cannot earn gear or shards Needed to be able to continue the story.

I wanten to add screenshots but this is apparently not allowed. My character is a beserker level 20.

  • power 104
  • vitallity 73
  • damage 245
  • armor 450
  • resistence 305
  • Block 225

Most gear is uncommon and a couple are rare.

I Will try winning skirmishes. These opponent have stats closest to my own. But if this remains as it is it is a reason for quiting the game.

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Setting up context:

  • Casual player, when I have time; sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour or so.
  • I HAVE spent money for VIP and crowns, which have been regularly used to get shards to aid progression.
  • Even with this additional help, I am currently level 41, 1,019 gear score. I am at Chapter 12, “The Gaardian Path”, where the enemy score is 1,269.

Since the update launched I have found it near impossible to make any progress in the game. The story mode chapter I am on has a higher power level by a normal expected margin; previously it might have been a tricky fight, but certainly not impossible.

I cannot beat the first goblin in the fight now. I did once, but only because he had a bad Trick Shot. The next enemy mopped the floor with me.

Due to the change to Events scaling off character level, Events are now permanently walled off to me, as I am dead in 2 turns. So an entire route to earn rewards to level my character is gone.

Skirmishes are slogs; it’s not uncommon for me to lose even Easy difficulty skirmishes, and even if I win, the rewards are sub-par relative to my level and gear leveling needs. Can’t even consider Normal+ battles. Even though I was trying to save them for the endgame, I feel like I need to use Loot Tickets just to get some gold and chests to hope for progression; when your game encourages players to not even play the game and use skip tickets to progress, there’s something wrong with the design.

I think the only PvE battles I’ve won today have been the L5 skirmish and L10 dungeon, now that those are complete I can’t even play them anymore. Forget about the L30 activities to try and get a few gems or the rare relic for upgrading.

And before someone comes in to say my GS is really low, I’m a “Premium” casual player at this point; I have VIP, and I’ve spent a not-inconsequential amount of money on crowns, using them when the opportunity arises to snag shards here and there. I’ve done my best to be patient and grab the gear that would best work for my build, and though I’ve made a few mistakes, I overall feel confident I’ve done pretty well with efficiency with my resources. The economy is borked by RNG in such a way that you simply can’t reasonably expect to have your gear anywhere near your actual level; even with the Premium/VIP advantages, I am still having a hard time progressing.

I will say that I only have one character; I will caveat that with the firm belief that it’s bad game design to force your players to re-run previous content on new characters in order to level up and progress the MSQ for your game. On top of that, I believe the patch notes mentioned that Events are based off your highest character’s level, so those events would continue to be blocked off for me until I can level my character further.

The changes made in the last patch to balance are questionable at best, even for premium players, and are probably debilitating at worst for casual players who’ve had to asymmetrically level their GS and character level in the current economy.

Enemies do far too much damage, and we do far too little. I’ve got a diverse build, so the mana changes did not heavily impact my playstyle, but suddenly everything is extremely durable. It was a problem in previous patches that I felt I NEEDED Ice Armor to keep my Res up, but now even that is borked.

Please look into this balance patch on priority; this patch is going to burn a lot of players because you’ve essentially established an impassable wall for many players, including those who’ve financially contributed to the game’s development. I’d have much rather paid a premium price for the game one time and get a complete product over this hot mess that seems to be leaning more and more heavily into Pay-To-Win territory.


Recent updates have changed the gameplay from too easy to way too difficult to the point where it is no longer any fun to play.

The Daily Event and the 3 day Event Dungeon have become ridiculously difficult and are not worth even attempting to play anymore. When I get wiped out after two hits from the enemy something is wrong with the feature.

Skirmishes used to be too easy but their difficulty has been improved to the point where they are now a decent challenge and are fun to play.

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Hey here everyone!

I noticed that a lot of you have been discussing across Bug Report and Feedback threads about how difficult Puzzle Quest 3 has become since update .38.

What I’ve done is merged all these into one thread so it easier for the feedback to be collected and passed onto the Development Team.

If you haven’t done so already, when giving feedback it will be helpful if you let us know the following:

  • When your account was created
  • The level of your highest level Hero
  • The level of your actively played Hero for the feedback you’re giving
  • The Gear Score of your active Hero
  • The Class of your active Hero
  • The Enemy/Gear Score of specific battles you’re giving feedback on
  • The Difficulty level you’ve selected for the battle you’re giving feedback on (if applicable)
  • The game mode you’re giving feedback for (ie. Story – which chapter, Quick Dungeon, Challenge Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Tourney (which one) etc.

Knowing all this will really help us improves this in future!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Hi, Support Human! Thank you for letting us know that this issue has been noted and will be submitted to the developers, and that I’m not just suddenly terrible at this game!

Since this is clearly a known issue (which I also submitted a report on,) I think that it will make the game more fun for me to give it a break until the next update. Losing literally every battle I play does not make me or anyone else love this game.

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so agreed with this puzzle quest 3 statement u made

*Samsung Galaxy 10

**After the update, I was expecting to continue playing as usual, making progress on the story, using easy mode in skirmishes to upgrade gear. After the update, battle of any kind except pvp became impossible to win. Easy mode on skirmishes now creates opponents that seem the same level as me, so now I’m lucky to defeat 1 out of 3 opponents in any given battle. My average is 3 rounds with the second opponent before I die. **

If you are on a console device please feel free to take a photo using another device. Where possible, a video helps us best. Try uploading it to Youtube privately.

**this happens every time, and has since the update. **

Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances? this is consistent.

Steps to make it happen again
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house. apply the last update to a low-level character. Looking through the bug reports, I see other players with a similar issue.

Date game started; October 20 (give or take!)

Level of hero: 17 (my only hero)

Gear score: 353

Class: Paladin

Enemy/ gear score: 347/353

Difficulty level selected: easy

Game mode: skirmish, chapter 1

I was really enjoying this game until the last update, even got my (adult) kids playing it. We had the original Puzzle Quest on our PS2 when they were little, and loved it then. I’d really like to get back to loving this game again!

Note: I only have 1 hero and do not wish to begin the story again with another until this one finishes. Dungeons and skirmishes are merely a means to be able to continue the story, which I am enjoying!

@Jemmy I moved your thread into this grouped discussion, so we can collate everyone’s experience in one place!

As Gman mentioned, this will make it easier for us to collect and share with the development team!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Thank you, @Jeto ! Hopefully, y’all can get this worked out soon. :blush:

FYI, a lot of people are talking about these issues daily in chat. If you all really wanted to know more, then one or all of you should be appearing in game chat and actually requesting people to come to the forums and provide this feedback.


Drop relic and upgrade you stuff !
Oups sorry it’s not possible to drop relic in chests… go shop with your Credit card

I have been playing this game for quite some time now and I have been a Puzzle Quest fan since the very 1st version came out almost 15 years ago. I am rooting for this game and I really want to see it succeed.

That being said, I think the decision to drastically increase the damage and health/armor/resistance of game Enemies during the 0.38 update was very bad decision. Because of this, even though I have a character of every class leveled to 50 and a high Citadel level as well, I am facing impossible odds with every character despite great loadouts (including 1 to 4 Legendary items, the rest being mostly Epic with a few Rares thrown in - no Uncommon or Common items).

Prior to 0.38, I wasn’t winning every battle across Daily Challenges/Skirmishes/Dungeons but I was winning more often than not. I was still running into the issue of the game timing out and forcing me to restart because it said I was inactive when I was in fact facing a very time-consuming battle. For the higher Difficulty levels of Dungeons and Skirmishes (especially above Difficulty VI), I was probably only winning about 30% of time with different characters and loadouts. In Events I wasn’t getting perfect scores but I was at least able to win all of the battles eventually because I had really powerful loadouts and I am a pretty strategic player even at Tier X for Event Dungeons.

After 0.38, I am only hitting about 30% winning with only one loadout on one character, my Berserker. I am running into the game timing out just as much on battles when I am not just destroyed by the Enemy in one shot for every other Character at level 50 (91) with great loadouts.

But the biggest, most frustrating issue is how impossible the Events have become. In the past 72 hours alone I have been killed out right in either the Enemy’s 1st or 2nd turn in 3 separate battles. That’s a dramatic increase - to go from no defeats ever in Events to 3 defeats in a couple of days. Between the unrealistically high increases in the Enemies Health/Armor/Resistance, adding in Debuffs and Buffs like Burn or Hex or Full Mana Spell Start have created impossible odds against players.

Part of the reason why it’s impossible is that these Buffs and Debuffs don’t equally impact Enemies like they do players because there’s only one of us period, and 2 of them per round and the damage we receive carries over from each round to the next round until you are out of tokens - and plus the enemies aren’t further penalized if they haven’t maintained perfect Health at the time the Enemy dies. Neither the use of Health Potions on players with less than perfect Health nor the use of Gems to Revive a killed player negate these negative impacts on Players abilities to earn Marks or place on leaderboards to earn Gems.

Considering that you have to have the ability to earn Gems in order to purchase additional Tokens for Events to have more opportunities to earn Marks (given that Events are the ONLY way to earn Marks) and given the absolutely ridiculous lack of opportunities to generate desperately need Gem income after all your characters all reach level 50 - this is a real gut punch going and coming (you spend Gems to get more tokens to play more rounds in Events and if you don’t maintain perfect full health at the death of each Enemy, battle after battle and round after round since it now carries over, then you won’t earn a perfect score and then you don’t have the ability to place on the leaderboard high enough to just break even, let alone actually earn Gems - plus to not lose out on Marks, you have to spend Gems to Revive your character after you’re killed).

This sucks all the fun out of the game. It makes you feel like the game is being purposefully designed to only be fun to play if you are willing to spend actual real world money, and a LOT of it, to even have any chance at participating fully in the game’s economy. And sadly, where Events and Marks are concerned - even spending a lot of money doesn’t place you a “winning” position. Because you can’t buy your way to maintaining full health precisely at the time of each Enemy’s death every single battle and you can’t pay your way out of the game’s Enemies being so strong that they kill you over and over again.

Very quickly each player can run out of Gems without any solid ways of generating new Gem income and then it becomes clear that there’s no point in playing Events any more. And once you stop participating in Events, you stop being able to earn Marks. Without Marks or Gems, you are screwed because there is still a HUGE bottleneck where Shards, Relics and Glyphs are concerned. If you have no way to reasonably have access to getting those items, then you can’t progress in the game. If you can’t progress in the game, then what’s the point of playing anymore?

These are issues that lots of casual or even active players like me are talking about all the time right now. Other issues are:

  • The fact that not enough Ore is being produced between LOTS of gameplay and Follower production - Even doubling the current amount would not be sufficient. Triple it, and now we’re starting to make some actual progress
  • The fact that Food and Gold don’t have NEARLY enough uses within the game’s economy
  • The fact that Kingdoms can’t be actively managed and that larger active Kingdoms are actually at a huge disadvantage
  • The fact that just one really aggressive player can ruin the ability to progress for pretty much everyone else in any arena with a Leaderboard

I actually really love the new use of Marks in the game’s economy. I just hate that they are so extremely difficult, almost impossible under some circumstances, to earn.
I am super happy to see that Glyphs are finally appearing in Chest Loot at a rate higher than basically never (I only saw my very first Glyph drop this week).
I still have never seen a Tier II or Tier III or Tier IV Relic drop in a Chest but I keep hoping that it will happen someday.
I definitely appreciated the additional Gear Slots in the last update but it wasn’t sufficient to address how much space is truly needed for an Active player who is participating in every Game Mode available. Not by a long shot.

I am hearing about this from most of the players on forums and in chat and all of these issues are actually hitting new players a lot harder. I have seen player after player just walk away from the game and I don’t want that to keep happening. I want this game to succeed!

I hope this feedback helps.

Account created: Approximately May 29. 2021
Highest level Hero: 50 (91)
Level of Actively Played Hero Feedback is Regarding: 50
Gear Score: 1985
Class: Berserker
Enemy/Gear Score for feedback: 1784 - 2472
Difficulty Level of Battle: Normal - Hard
Game Mode: Daily Siege/Event Dungeons with Burn Debuff or Hex Debuff or Full Mana Spells Buff


Hello everyone,

Just a small update on difficulty from the team!

There have been some changes pushed today, decreasing the difficulty in battles against Enemies levelled 4+.

We will still be taking feedback on this going forward and want to keep it in this centralised thread.

But thank you all for continuing to share your experiences with us!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

This might just be me being tired right now… but I have no idea what this means. I follow it until “against enemies levelled 4+”

When numerous players are scratching their heads, it probably suggests revisiting the explanation. Does this mean if the Enemies’ Level is 4 or more (given that most players were struggling around Level 30, it just doesn’t seem to connect)? In other words, virtually all enemies? Is this Event Tier related as in Tier IV or more (this would be more in line when players were running into such difficulties)? If it’s Enemy “Level” related it seems odd that the demarkation is essentially 3 levels.

I’m not seeing a difference, if anything is supposed to have been made easier today. Easy dungeons and skirmishes still wiping the floor with me. (See my post in “balance changes” thread; same exact thing happened to me twice again today.)

Edited to add: finally beat the council of scales dungeon on easy! Got an iron chest with… A rare rune and a common Minion. Def not proportional to my effort level.