Game is too difficult

@Jeto The reason nobody can make progress is because the enemy power levels are far too jacked up for the level they actually are, and the enemy damage increases that were done for “balance changes” have done nothing but halt everybody’s story progress. If the game had the power scaling of Day 1 but the enhancement systems of today, a lot more people would be able to finish the story and go to endgame. The game is literally unbeatable until your gearscore is literally at postgame levels, and while I like a challenge, this is not a challenge.

This is like Becky Lynch squashing Bianca Belair in 26 seconds at SummerSlam.

And we’re all Bianca Belair.

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@hbellis17 has really nailed the explanation of the problems since the update.
But there are more. You really should read the world chat to see what the majority of players are saying. That way, you can gauge the size of the problem.
I was playing a similar game, that did similar updates, it ended up that you had to pay cash every week, to buy the latest weapon for each new weeks challenge.
I fear this is heading the same way.
I had to leave that, because I simply can’t afford it.
I suspect that the challenges getting so hard, is leading up to a better weapon being released. A limited edition super weapon… Then armour… Spell etc. Which Will be cash only offer? Is that where this is going? If so, please save us the time and head ache, by telling us now, so I can follow the many other players that left after the update.

The world chat is very quiet now, compared to before the update. So many people have already left.

There is something else that I haven’t seen written on this thread.

The Marks. You used to be able to buy bigger marks, with smaller marks. But after the update, you can’t? Why has that been removed? In the social tab, you can buy wooden marks with food, but other than that, you get whatever you win and you are stuck with it. I’m not even sure how it decides what Marks and how many, you win.

A lot of people are struggling. So taking away such a small help, like upgrading Marks, adds more salt to rub into our wounds.

The chests are a waste of space most of the time. Even diamond chests have very little. Food, ore, gold, 2 star minion, 1 star ring and 1 star armour. Really? Wait 24 hours to open that?

I am still slowly progressing. Apart from the days that all shards are for the people that can afford to pay.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good game. The match 3 with a couple of twists that improve it a lot.
I also know that it takes a lot of hours and people to get a game like this, this far and you aren’t a charity, or slogging away long hours at the computer. You deserve to be paid, hopefully very well paid.
I’m not against in game purchases. Or VIP bonuses.
Yes, it gives people with money, a lot of advantages over the people with none. Same as RL!
I don’t mind playing a lot longer, to keep up with what money buys.
I don’t like it when it doesn’t matter how long or hard you play, you can’t compete with them.
The balance here is generally very fair. People can buy stuff and save time and make the game a little easier. I don’t mind spending hours in dungeons n things to earn what I need, in order to use in game currency, instead of cash. I can still progress… Or I could.

16 crystals to evolve a character? I do all side missions. But the amount you need to evolve keeps going up, the harder it gets. But the side missions are giving less and less of them. So you get to the stage that you are getting all this food, but you can’t evolve any characters, until you get the crystals, that you need more and more and get less and less chance!.. Apart from buying with cash. Apart from Evelin.

I have never even seen a gliph without a price.
Nor have I seen most of the things you need to evolve weapons. I think I have just got my 4 star stuffs from the armourer and things.
Where you need so many different items for different areas, I think the whole thing is just spiralling. You are evolving the game, without thinking it all through.

I think you need to improve some things. It wouldn’t take much. How about having a dungeon for evolution and one for shards, one for crystals etc? So you don’t have to invest millions to design a new thing. Just use the same games, but make it easier to get what you need, rather than more food, which is useless, because you don’t have crystals… But I guess that doesn’t keep the lights on. So, how much money are you making? Enough to pay the wages and keep the lights on? Or too much that kills the game? Do you need to MAKE people pay to play? Because that will push a lot of people out, to other games. Which from the income side is ok. If it only pushes out people that can’t pay, you aren’t missing them. Then you only have the useful ones that make you money.

I don’t know. It needs something.
I can play longer in the dungeon to get more shards as I can’t buy them. That’s fine.
But things to evolve the spells, the followers, weapons, armour, accessories. It is causing a bottleneck where a lot of players are stuck. Can’t move forward. And I have 6 different heroes, 2 are 50+ but I am struggling to get crystals to evolve the followers.

I also strongly agree about the ore. I did have too much at one stage. But when you get more followers that need ore to perform their tasks, there isn’t enough for Toragon, let alone the others. But I can’t evolve the guy that makes the ore, because I can’t get enough crystals.

It is a great game. But there are a heck of a lot of moving parts and they aren’t quite moving at the same pace. Like a roundabout with traffic lights that aren’t synced.

Every day I am seeing people on the world chat, that are leaving. Who will pay you to play, if the game is still impossible?

There are a lot of free games. A lot of games aimed at the pay to play crowd that are more advanced.

This has great bones. It can be epic, like the other puzzle quests. Or, it can be great. Or, it could be a skeleton with no ligaments or flesh.

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Hi @Midnitewolf ,

Not a dev, obviously, but I can answer some of your questions and concerns.

There will be different weapons and armor coming into the game over time, for sure. Likely released through the upcoming Seasons feature. That said, the existing 15 weapon and armor sets in the game currently are more then sufficient to clear content in the game by a comfortable margin once leveled up. Legendary weapons/armor are more than enough to clear max Tier Events reliably.

Of course, the challenge at the moment is figuring out how to actually level up that gear for most players.

And as they say, knowing is half the battle. The game does a horrific job of telling players where to get the parts needed to upgrade things. Yes, without investing money into the game, considerable time is required waiting for the right opportunities to appear.

Answering your concerns, in no particular order…

They exist. I actually got one for free this week. They can drop out of any Gold or higher chest.

However, and a BIG however on this, is that Glyphs as drops are so incredibly rare that a player should not ever bank on ever seeing one drop in chests. That was my third Glyph in approximately 7 months of reasonably heavily farming.

So, how does one get Glyphs then?

For “free”:

  • Every in-game Sunday, one random Glyph is available in the Bundle shop for 1700 Gems. Gems are best obtained through farming the story mode on each of the five currently available character classes.

  • If a player is able to do daily Events, random Glyphs can be obtained for 80 Diamond Marks (any stockpiled Diamond Marks from 0.37 can be used for these).

With light spending (“value” investing):

  • Two random Glyphs are awarded in each Campaign Pass as Stage 29 rewards.

  • Two Armor Glyphs are awarded at 50 lifetime days of VIP subscriptions (2 pass purchases required). This is enough for any 1 Legendary armor piece ascension by itself.

The big secret here is using Eveline to craft what you need from the random relics that you find. Eveline can craft and upgrade relics. She can trade relics of equal rarity for the ones needed at 1-to-1 ratio through Epic rarity. Upgrading relic tiers can be somewhat costly, though.

Relics can obtained in the Shop on most days, although they are significantly cheaper on Sundays. Relics can also be purchased with Marks on Saturdays in the Event Shop.

It’s a slow process waiting on Eveline, but you will eventually craft what you need.

Marks cannot be upgraded anymore because each type of mark purchases specific rarities of items. The type of item that marks buy changes daily, in a weekly rotation.

Marks can always be turned in for random shards of a given tier and fairly cheap prices. Iron = Lesser Shards, Gold =Greater Shards, Ruby = Major Shards, and so in.

Drop rates for Marks:

If your crafters can craft Epic gear, you aren’t missing anything. Crafters have to maxed out at 50 to be able to craft Legendary gear. By the time you get them there, you likely won’t need Legendary gear any more.

Some patience is required to play for free, but it can be done. Keep in mind that you can share the same gear over multiple characters to continue to build that gear up and then give it back to your first character to advance the story further.

You are correct…
Game difficultly severely broken.
Even for paying players game is broken after .38 patch.
Easy is doable, sometimes, depends on battle area. Normal is nearly impossible in all scenarios. High is impossible.
Can’t progress in event, can’t do majority of daily task, dungeons and skirmishes only viable on easy … campaign progress stopped. With so little to do material is inadquate, progress painfully slow, and ultimately game is not fun nor worth the time. Currently a serious waste of time to play… hundred of games that will provide more fun, more challenge, more rewards…
GREAT concept, LOTS of potential, worth keeping an eye on…
Just toooo broken at the moment.

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Honestly? There isn’t even really a pay to play road in this game (yet?) At best its pay to have a small rmg chance to play. haha

Can’t add too much beyond what has already been said. This game is rubbish now. All I can do is the PVP battles and burn loot tickets. No thanks. I already put in an account deletion request, guess we need to do that a bunch of times?

Please post a no-BS indication of whether you will be making the difficulty more reasonable or not and when. The game concept is great but you have badly deficated in your bed spaces with how hard it is now.

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Absolutely. I want a real answer on whether I’m wasting my time waiting around for them to fix it. I’m not starting from scratch with a new character just so that I can meet the new difficulty curve, if that’s what’s required. If they thought the 100 shards or whatever they gave us was job done, I’m out.

My main hero is a level 36 Assassin with a gear score of 764.

With the .38 update I was unable to complete anything but PvP. ( admittedly my gear score was quite a bit lower than now). Now that it has been a little while since the server side change to the difficulty that was done after the .38 update complaints I am now leaving feedback.

I took the advice given and started some new heroes. By playing the story mode with them I was able to collect more chests and use the loot gained to upgrade my main character. I was still not able to do much until the server side update though. Now though I am able to do easy skirmishes and dungeons with my main hero and I am also able to take part in daily challenges as well as the events. When it comes to the events sometimes I get killed very quickly sometimes I am able to kill the first opponent and sometimes I am able to kill both opponents. The daily challenges I am able to do ones up to level 30 (most of the time but sometimes I get killed). Whilst the game is still hard it is manageable in my opinion.

NOTE: People may need the advice to start extra heroes to farm loot otherwise they may end up stuck. This is especially if they do a lot of PvP (like I did at the start) as this increases experience without getting loot to use to upgrade your hero.
I’m also a little worried about hitting a wall later as I used the loot from other heros to upgrade my primary one without up

Following up, I’m handily defeating level 50 dungeons and skirmishes, but only because I leveled an alt. I was lucky enough to be able to level a pally using epic gear from my original necro.

When your account was created: August 2021
The level of your highest level Hero: 50 (53)
The level of your actively played Hero for the feedback you’re giving: 50 (53)
The Gear Score of your active Hero: 1793
The Class of your active Hero: Paladin

The pally playstyle is currently the only viable one at the moment AFAICT. With the right gear and spells, one can alternate between stunning and proc’ing barrier (from items or ultimate spell shield matching) on trash, minis or bosses as warranted. My loadout uses Smite (lvl 32) and Channel Light (lvl 35) to regularly spam the board with yellow gems, repeatedly casting these for stuns, blind proc and damage. If I’m fighting a mini or boss, I alternate stuns with casts of my ultimate to proc Barrier. Otherwise, even at these armor levels, any boss or mini can one-shot me. Other key gear:

  • Savior Shield and Dwarven Necklace to increase likelihood of having Barrier up
  • Bloodfang Twinblade and Guard’s Gloves to build crit chance over time
  • Guard’s Pauldron to build up melee resist over time (that way, if I don’t have barrier, or stun is set to be resisted by a mini/boss, I can sometimes survive the hit).

For other spell slots, I use Gravedigger for skull generation and occasional stuns (get enough skulls to get 7-across) and Frostburn to slow enemy mana generation (1-shots from trash can still happen if they get off a crit’d spell early in progression). I still have lots of epic gear with blue mastery from my necro, so going tri-color is reasonable. Each fight takes 10-12 minutes to complete, and it’s a real slog, but I do win far more often than I lose.

All in all, I’m able to progress for sure, though I’ve only obtained 4 glyphs total, 1 in each of 4 categories, so I’m capped at epic for progress on anything not pre-leveled to legendary.