Easy mode is no longer easy

Platform, device and operation system
Android, oneplus 6. Game version 0.38

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I am expecting easy mode to be easy. Not giving me enemy score of 1200 when my best gear score is 750.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens all the time since update to 0.38

Steps to make it happen again
Not sure what the steps are.




I’m looking into this for you and just needing some further information. In the image you posted what was the level of your Hero you were using it that dungeon?

Also if you do have multiple Hero’s what are there levels?

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Hello OminousGMan,

In that image, my hero is level 50. It is the highest level character I have. I have another one that is about level 25 and a few level 1. My gear is not great, but I could play easy mode dungeon before.

Hello, any respond to the issue?

Until they look further into and address this issue, at least in terms of Dungeons (but not Events) you can take this approach:

Thank you, this will alleviate some short term issue. A long term fix remains critical as hero level will out pace gear score. It means I’ll be back to the same spot again rallying soon

Agreed and it doesnt solve the issue with Events for the mid-range player which is now a significant source of resource gain.

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Any response? At least say if this will be corrected or not?

Hi. I don’t mean to steal the thread but didn’t want to start another either. Since the new update I can make no progress at all. The only thing I can beat is a skirmish. The easiest dungeon is too hard. I am considering quiting which is unfortunate because I was really enjoying the game when progress could be made.

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Looking into this with the Dev Team, it appears that your Gear Score is very low for someone who is at level 50. Have you completed the story?

We also did send an email out yesterday to players with resources to help them upgrade there gear to where is should be for there level. I would recommend using those and playing some skirmishes to gather more resources to help bring your gear score higher, making the battles easier.

Please let me know how you go and if your still having issues could you please answer the following questions;

  • When your account was created
  • The level of your highest level Hero
  • The level of your actively played Hero for the feedback you’re giving
  • The Gear Score of your active Hero
  • The Class of your active Hero
  • The Enemy/Gear Score of specific battles you’re giving feedback on
  • The Difficulty level you’ve selected for the battle you’re giving feedback on (if applicable)
  • The game mode you’re giving feedback for (ie. Story – which chapter, Quick Dungeon, Challenge Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Tourney (which one) etc.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Most players hit level 50 with a Gear Score under 1k, many of them significantly so. What is your recommended Gear Score for level 50? Most players do not finish the story by the time they hit Level 50, if they did then the developers wouldn’t have had to make a concession to unlock the citadel at 50 instead of at 50 and completing the story. If you keep having to respond with “your gear score is very low for your level”, publish the recommended gear score by level. If you say, your gear score should be roughly in line with your enemy gear score, then that is virtually impossible and pretending it is a regularly achievable possibility while levelling is misleading.

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The mail with upgrade material did not make a significant difference. Look at my original screen shot and look at this latest one. That’s how much difference the mail helped. I have literally stopped playing since I posted the issue as I can’t play due to the difficulties.

  • When your account was created – Really can’t remember.
  • The level of your highest level Hero - 50
  • The level of your actively played Hero for the feedback you’re giving - 50
  • The Gear Score of your active Hero - 881
  • The Class of your active Hero - Paladin
  • The Enemy/Gear Score of specific battles you’re giving feedback on - 1197
  • The Difficulty level you’ve selected for the battle you’re giving feedback on (if applicable) - Easy
    *The game mode you’re giving feedback for (ie. Story – which chapter, Quick Dungeon, Challenge Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Tourney (which one) etc. - Dungeon, Skirmish, Event, it doesn’t matter. They are all impossibly difficult

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I’m in the same boat. I haven’t taken the time to give feedback on the difficulty because I don’t even know where to start (events, side quests, story, dailies, etc.). I started an alt just so I could play anything at all.


Looking at the partial loadout screen you posted, the giant red flag that I see is that your weapon is vastly underleveled. The best defense is a good offense. Your weapon lists that it is doing 450 damage, as an Epic weapon. A fully powered level 35 Epic weapon does 1869 base damage. That’s over FOUR times the damage output from skulls your character is currently generating. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

You have a decent amount of gems in your Wallet currently. Refresh the daily deal store once, maybe twice a day to see if weapon shards show up. Buy the weapon shard bundles on Saturday and Monday. Greater shard bundles until level 25, Major shard bundles until level 35.

Use the upgraded weapon to farm Epic relics from the daily challenge board when they appear. The Epic (Greater) relic type does not matter, because Eveline can convert Epic (Greater) relics to the right ones to upgrade your armor at a 1 to 1 ratio for some gold and ore. Perhaps consider buying Epic (Greater) relics for gems from the bundles on Sunday to speed up the upgrade process (they cost Crowns in bundles the rest of the week, so this option is always available to you if you wish to spend real money in the shop).

Also, you can replay the story on alt characters to earn additional first time rewards, such as follower crystals and gems. Use the shards you earn farming the story mode on alt characters to further upgrade that same set of gear.

While all of this is descriptively true, it is much harder to realize in practice. In my new playthrough, I aggressively pursued shards through the shop (admittedly some of the 0.37 shop changes were not available but even then, with gems it’s only 30 shards / week) and by the time I hit 50 I still had not been able to get my weapon past 25 (I got it to 22 to be exact). I’m Citadel level 21 and my weapon is now Level 31.

I have pushed Eveline pretty hard to get converts for Tier II Relics and I have finally (at Citadel level 20) gotten 4 pieces of Epic non-weapon gear. And even with all of this, I still struggle in Tier X events.

The reality is levelling enough even with spending some money takes a long time. While this development is progressing, players should still have the ability to play the game, even if its for limited rewards. So telling a player, do this on Sunday and make sure to do a Challenge when you see it that might be helpful, ultimately amounts to weeks of effort. In the meantime the game doesnt have playable content other than “start a new character”. And even though “start a new character” is clearly a core part of their path to progression, that doesnt solve the fact that there is unplayable content out of reach every single day (like Events locked into your highest leveled class).

Lastly, even if the weapon was levelled to Epic 35, your average match is against multiple mobs (2-6) with 5k+ health and 5k+ armor. Even if you get a few whacks with your super duper sword, you are probably still dead unless you have enough of everything else.

Easy mode needs to be easy. Events should have adjustable Tiers or at minimum you should be allowed to “tier down” by using another class if you want. Then people will play daily, and then they will continue to develop their characters.