Scaling outpacing gear score

I Just started playing about two weeks ago (unsure where to find the actual date) and as I’ve leveled I have slowly lost the ability to do difficulty settings and game modes. I am currently level 29 and can no longer do event dungeons at all, only one daily challenge, easy dungeons I only succeed ever 1 in 3 attempts at best, easy skirmishes are about 50/50 as well as story missions.

Some of that is probably bad spells setup and sub optimal play, but not being able to do event dungeons I feel like I’m just getting into a bigger hole as I level.

I took some screen shots but it won’t let me put them in.

my current gear score is 521 and the event dungeons are stuck at tier 5 and score 697. Easy skirmish and dungeons are at 523.

If I could drop the event dungeon tier down that would help alot and have easy skirmishes be a little farther behind in level than me would be good in case I get stuck in the story?

On a separate note, I have to spend my honor to get food and ore high enough to actually do the donation thing with the kingdom. Ore requires 175 and I max at 150. I’ll get the new follower soon to fix that but it’s rather silly in the meantime.

Thanks for reading all that and hope I put in the proper info!

This is a problem that a lot of people have. The general advice is to start another hero when you reach the wall on the first one. You can use what you get with this second hero to improve the first hero. Since gear is useable to all heroes, you will also, most likely find the second hero to be slightly easier/faster to reach the same point.

You can then start your third hero or go back to the first to move forward. Etc. I hope this was helpful.

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