0.38 - Remove mandatory enemy level scaling, please!

The easiest enemy I can find to fight now has power that is almost double my gear score. And that is the “Easy” dungeon setting.

Past RPGs I have played, you could always still fight low level enemies when you get to higher level. I do not need every fight to feel like a boss fight. Event dungeons set at Tier X are unplayable. Let us choose difficulty of the fights again instead of restricting us to engage with enemies that one shot my best character.

Players need to feel like they are making progress as they level up. If you scale all fights to a character’s level, it makes levelling up and farming for better gears pointless. When I’m stuck, I could grind it out before in 0.37. Now there is nothing in the game I can fight at all.

Please type up a reply and/or like this post if you agree with this being an issue, so the developer understands that this is a real problem with the new patch. Thanks :slight_smile:


The issue isnt affecting me personally, but from what I have read throughout discord and in-game chat, there are many (newer/mid-level) players who literally cannot progress due to the enemies being way too strong relative to their gear scores.

This needs to be fixed ASAP, as their migration elsewhere has already begun.

This is seriously unplayable. Every fight is crazy difficulty and I literally cannot farm anything. Event is completely out of the question as I die from 1 hit. Skirmish and dungeon is a massive challenge and just not sustainable. Please put back the actual easy mode. Even the game is telling me that “easy mode” is “really hard”.

Wow. That is a pretty dramatic change from .37. Now I understand why so many people are upset.

I’m struggling to understand why they made dungeons more difficult, at all. Removing marks made them much less valuable for loot. So if anything, they should have made them easier. But, what do I know?

They expect you to know how to open up your wallet and pay $40 for a follower crystal pack.

That won’t help my progress at all anyway. My followers aren’t the problem, they don’t help me defend against enemies that one shot me :stuck_out_tongue:

Can confirm… I figure this is a mistake on their part, or not the intended outcome. I’m not even logging into this game again until it’s fixed.

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This update is nutz. I literally cannot complete anything.

Every fight is really hard even on the basic setting and I cannot even do the daily tests anymore.

Still not playing the game. Still unable to even win a match from the first area on easy with a Level 31 character. I log in once a week to see if they’ve reversed this decision. When I find that they haven’t, I’ll start another piece of armor cooking and log out. I mentioned it in chat recently, I’m a filthy casual. I was using PQ3 to relax between doing other things. There was the nostalgia element too, as I’d really enjoyed PQ1, 2 & Galactrix. The other PQ phone games like the marvel one turned me off cos there was a whole element of BUY BUY BUY OR YOU’RE GETTING NOWHERE, CHUM to it. But before the last big PQ3 update and the enemy level scaling, I was getting back into my rhythm with the old thing. Enjoying the references to the older games. Having fun.

I have challenging games. I play those when I want a challenge. This is not why I was playing PQ3. Until it’s fixed, I’m unlikely to play again. It’s too bad. It’s an IP I was invested in.

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Uninstalled the game. If they are not reversing this insane paywall then I don’t want to keep playing. Pity, I even bought VIP pass to support the game, and would have kept renewing. But this patch made the game unplayable and unenjoyable.

  1. About 2 weeks after 0.38 they did decrease the difficulty and I noticed the change. It did make a difference to me as I was then able to complete easy dungeons, skirmishes and daily challenges. Even events I was not getting one or two shotted anymore. (It was announced somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment)

  2. Have any of you started new heros? If you do you should find you can do skirmishes, dungeons and the story with these. With the loot from these you can increase the gear score of your main hero and then progress. I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone but it has worked for me so far. I also changed my spell setup and I think that made a positive difference to me too.

the scaling makes it so difficult to play, now I can’t even clear dungeons on easy, nor can I move on with the storyline as my equipments are not good enough. Aren’t dungeons there for us to farm when we hit a wall?

Nope, they took out getting marks from them.

Marks are still available, though only from the daily/3-day trials. Leveling is slow going though, as it’s still possible to get one-shot, or to succeed on a 1st run of a trial, but to have taken enough of a beating to fail on a second run (due to the ridiculous health carry-over mechanism, still the most confusing “improvement” this game has added), thus limiting rewards.

I agree with WinterRose. I was playing this game to relax and enjoy the story. I understand there are ways that I could grind, and I was doing so for a while, but I’m really not interested in spending my time that way. I just wanted a fun little game with a half-decent story to play during down time. This is absolutely no longer that. I haven’t been able to complete a story quest or even side-quest since 0.38 dropped. So I’m out. It really is a shame, because it was so good before 0.38.

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