Difficulty for Events battles is ludicrously difficult. (at least for me)

I thought I’s start a dedicated thread for the Event Battles.

I can cope with most of the changes which have increased the difficulty (By starting new characters and using them to get more stuff I think I will be able to manage) But the Event Battles stand out as a problem with no solution. (It levels to your highest character)

I’ve been playing for a couple of months as a assassin and am up to level 28 with a gear score of 410 and yet to complete chapter 5 in the story.

Previously I was able to do the event battles and complete them most of the time. Sometimes I would be defeated so IMO a good difficulty. Now I can’t get more than a few turns before being defeated and I see no way of leveling up in such a way that I could complete an Event Dungeon for months, if ever! This leaves me with no possibility to get any marks. I feel left out not being able to participate in these events and the rewards granted from them. In particular the marks shop.

Here is my starting screen with the fight details

Here is the defeat screen from the 2 tries today. Both are after just a few turns with the first opponent.

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Hey there!

I’m very sorry to hear your having this problem. Looking into this with the information you’ve provided it appears that your Gear Score is very low for someone who is at level 28.

We did send an email out yesterday to players with resources to help them upgrade there gear to where is should be for there level. I would recommend using those and playing some skirmishes to gather more resources to help bring your gear score higher, making these battles easier.

Please let me know how you go and if your still having issues could you please answer the following questions;

  • When your account was created
  • The level of your highest level Hero
  • The level of your actively played Hero for the feedback you’re giving
  • The Gear Score of your active Hero
  • The Class of your active Hero
  • The Enemy/Gear Score of specific battles you’re giving feedback on
  • The Difficulty level you’ve selected for the battle you’re giving feedback on (if applicable)
  • The game mode you’re giving feedback for (ie. Story – which chapter, Quick Dungeon, Challenge Dungeon, Event Dungeon, Tourney (which one) etc.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

If he were to increase the level of all his equipped spells by lets say 15 levels per spell, his Gear Score would improve significantly but his survivability would be the same. Is Gear Score really the indicator that is the predictor of ability? Also what should the Gear Score be? You all keep replying that “your gear score seems very low for your level”. Since you seem to have a targetted Gear Score in mind for every level given these responses, why not publish your recommended Gear Score guide and then we can all assess whether Gear Score is really the factor. When I hit level 30 (technically level 31) my Gear Score on my recent new account was 574. I was having some challenges even then and that was before the changes here in 0.38. Was my Gear Score too low as well?

Perhaps if you keep having to tell people that there Gear Score is too low, then the issue is not with the players.