0.38 Thoughts and Observations

First and foremost, placing this at the top of the post,

Premium Currency Confirmation Prompts Needed

Now that there are in-game unexpected popup flash offers, the game really, really needs confirmation prompts for Crown spending. I should not be living in fear of accidentally spending 750 Crowns from a Flash Offer pop-up when it shows up while I’m trying to buy Food/Ore deals from the guild Bazaar.

Ok, with that out of the way, the rest of the post.

Mythic isn’t Very Mythic

  • Yay, level 50 Mythic weapon.

It’s rather underwhelming for the absurd cost of obtaining this. Keep in mind that a level 50 weapon costs four extremely rare matching Mythic relics as well as FOURTEEN Weapon Glyphs.

From a damage perspective:

  • Rare (25) = 678 damage
  • Epic (35) = 1869 damage (2.75x Rare damage)
  • Legendary (45) = 4278 damage (2.29x Epic damage)
  • Mythic (50) = 6575 damage (1.54x Legendary damage)

As an item levels up, the cost of leveling it up drastically increases, while the benefits those level ups continually decreases.

To some degree, the low weapon damage could have been handwaved considering that there are only five level-ups at Mythic rarity. However that 14 Glyph requirement says otherwise. Also, if a player can clear runs with 4k weapon damage, 6k damage isn’t really that noticeable above and beyond that weapon at Legendary (45).

So, Attributes compensate for this, right?

Well, no.

In 0.37, the devs quietly split the Attribute scaling for Mythic into two parts. Legendary Attributes are rated at “+5”. Mythic (45) Attributes increase to “+7”, while item Level 50 is required for Attribute level “+8”.

The problem is that the scaling for Attribute is mostly linear.

Strong and Life break this trend by being double their Legendary Attribute values (+100) at max Mythic (+200).

On the other hand… there’s everything else, which has completely linear scaling to the Attribute level.

Speed scales at 0.02x per Attribute level (+0.10 seconds at Legendary, +0.14 seconds at Mythic +7, +0.16 seconds at Mythic +8).

Heal scales at 2% per Attribute level, while everything else is at 1% scaling per attribute level. 5% → 7% → 8%.

This means that for the cost of 14 Glyphs, most Attributes on an item will increase by only 1% each from Mythic (45) to Mythic (50), a horrifically bad deal for the player.

Note: Other Gear pieces, such as Armor and Accessories, scale similarly defensively.

As currently implemented, there is little incentive for the player to work towards raising Gear further once achieving Mythic ascension. For future Mythic evolutions, I would not raise those Gear pieces beyond Mythic (45).

Attributes bonuses should be raised further at “+8” to incentivize the cost of leveling to 50, with possible caps being out in place on stat growth to avoid out-of-bounds or otherwise undesirably high stat values in various stats being achieved.


  • Loot chests from Events now drop drastically worse loot in 0.38 than in 0.37. I’ve yet to see a single Epic (4 star) item appear from any Event chest in 0.38, whereas they were infrequent dungeon run drops from Event runs in 0.37. Are these because the chest levels are set to be very low, preventing appearance of higher rarity loot from these chests.? In 0.37, players achieved better rewards in chests through tier purchases which allowed for higher level dungeon runs to occur, and in turn generate higher level chests.

  • Dungeon cap scaling is capped too low in 0.38. The cap on Tier X Event dungeons is currently level 60. Unless a high-risk modifier is in play for an Event (such as Burns and Spell Rushes), dungeon level 60 is of low to trivial difficulty for well-geared players.

  • Should Dragons be allowed to have their very high-powered breath weapons be pre-charged in Events where Spell Rush mode is in effect?


  • Multiplayer was untouched in 0.38. Still as unstable as ever. Still great, when it works.

  • Dungeon drops loot tables are not rolling correctly. Chest drops like these should not be occurring. The overabundance of Mythic Scroll/Rune drops in chests are diluting other drops from appearing, such as follower crystals and relics.


  • Daily Deals continue to seemingly worsen by the day. Shards still appear as solid purchases for those that need them. Rarer, more desirable items, were moved further out of players’ reaches should they appear. Glyphs for Gems instead of Crowns are now very rare. Legendary Relics appearance rates are now much lower, and when they do appear cost 1500 Gems the majority of the time.

  • Even if I wanted to buy Major relics in the shop, how would a player use them with how limited Eveline crystals are in the shop? This seems like a significant disincentive against purchasing higher rarity relics in the shop?

  • Rare and Epic Relics are abundently found on the Daily Challenge board, but Legendary Relics were made much rarer. Follower crystals do tend to appear somewhat frequently on the board through, with a crystal showing up generally at least every other day. This allows progress, albeit glacially slowly, for followers.

  • Marks… it’s all about the Marks now. Marks are now a slight of hand for purchasing things in-game for Gems. Spend more Gems in an Event, earn more Marks to buy things more frequently in the Mark Shop. On one hand, a player can save and plan for a purchase of a specific thing in the Shop on a given day of the week. On the other hand, I believe that every other loot source was significantly punished to compensate for this weekly scheduled purchase capability. This feels very un-fun. Perhaps the pendulum was swung a little too harshly towards monetization for a single update?

  • Still waiting to see where the long-term rationing of in-game income will come from. Perhaps Seasons will provide this once the game’s story starts to more forward?

EDIT: Missed a talking point I wanted to comment on.

Mana Mastery, What Good Is it?

  • 0.38 did not change spell scaling from previous versions of the game, but instead augmented spell damage by granting additional mana mastery from a spell loadout, with the bonus mastery scaling with the level of the equipped spell.

  • That’s appreciated, but what does that mean? In a given loadout, I have 1200-1300 mastery in my class’s primary color (Green). Ok, but there’s no feedback to the player on the benefits of this mana mastery. Higher mana master must be better than lower mana mastery, right? But how much better? Is the benefits of mana mastery linear or is it affected by diminishing returns? Should I equip another secondary mana color (Yellow) instead of another Green piece that will have next to no benefit because my mana mastery is already seemingly very high? I don’t know and I don’t believe that there is any current in-game way of determining this information in-game currently, even implicitly.

EDIT 2: Post cleanup and additional clarifications.


I wish I was seeing a crystal every other day… or even every third or fourth day. I’ve noticed I personally am seeing a LOT more gem reward challenges in 38. Gems are useful, but the amounts given are majorly out of whack.

An example would be say a level 85 battle… If the prize is gems, then its 85 gems. If the prize was a crystal, that’s worth more than 85 gems. Epic or legendary relic? Worth more than 85 gems. And food prizes? Why are those even a thing at this point? haha

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I am lucky to see a crystal once a week. I have gone weeks without a crystal daily reward.

100000% agree on gems are way out of wack.

Also legendary relics are almost non existent so far.

I am honestly shocked @Lyrian about the fact you have been able to get enough legendary relics to level a weapon to 50.

My only guess is the dungeon mark shop.

Given the nature of RNG, some folks will have acquired nearly a dozen Tier IV Relics by now, of which they might have 4 of a couple of types of one of 12 different ones.

In terms of crystals, I average around 2.5 / week from the Daily Challenges (50 total since introduced in 0.36).

The only way to do it is through observation, the easiest way which is just to run a skirmish, do a 3-match with 4 unique spells equipped, observe the mana gain, divide by 3. As far as I can tell it is still subject to diminishing returns but not as much as it used to be. I have, however, not felt like retracking it for a third time lol.

EDIT: I think the low end numbers are about the same: 10 mana per at nearly 0 Mastery, 12 mana per at around 150, 13 per around 400+. By the time we get above 1k, it’s like 15 per, maybe 16 per, at ~1300? Not sure once it gets there.


I think my average is somewhere around .75 a week. I’m only guessing since I’ve not been tracking religiously (why bother? It is what it is?) But I usually see a couple of weeks with none and then a week with some.

That said… while I want to finish my followers because reasons, meh. Case in point there was an Eveline crystal in my challenges a couple of days ago. My Eveline is level 50. But Eveline crystals saves 500 gems so yay. I was much happier scoring an Eveline crystal that I would have been for any of my non finished followers… save maybe Northelm. :eyes:

Same as you, I go weeks without crystals. I DO get a fair amount of legendary relics, however. I’ve been thinking ok… getting totally screwed on crystals but, yay good relics?! If you are getting neither, that is really bad.

Food needs to NEVER be a reward in dailies. EVER. Even a day one player can get that somewhere else. Make it go away. As much as I love ore, it should not be a reward either unless they seriously up the amts. Gold? Same ish. Even runes are in “who cares?” territory. Gems can stay. I think the amts are way too low but even at the low amt they are at least a valuable currency.

While I feel much better about my no crystals life, I’m really sorry to hear that someone is getting both no crystals and no good relics. That’s not cool. :expressionless:

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I actually just managed to get a follower crystal in the daily’s .

I agree with what you have said about rewards in general. Food and gold are such a waste in a daily challenge.

I am in the fortunate position of having started at the beginning of early access, but I that could also be the problem with legendary relics. We need the now, new players probably won’t need them for a year…

Rng can be so wild in this game

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haha. That’s usually what happens to me, also. If I mention not getting crystals, suddenly a crystal or two shows up. And yes. Random’s gonna random! :expressionless:

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I am all for supporting my video game teams, but I have solved this by not buying crowns. The price gouging in this ‘early-access’ game is obscene.

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Sibellos is correct.

Prior to 0.38, the only reliable way to obtain Mythic (Tier IV) Relics has been through the Battle Passes. There’s also the luck factor at play that if any one of those random Mythic relic drops happened to be the one you were hunting for, a LOT of time and resources are saved.

0.38 speeds up Mythic relic collection through allowing one per week to purchased for 210 Diamond Marks. For those that had a collection of Diamond Marks carried over from 0.37 and did not spend them all on Glyphs, those players enjoyed a temporary further boost towards obtaining their first Mythic item. That said, it will be a looooooong time before anyone earns their second Mythic item because of all the time, rarity, and extreme resource sinks that are involved with refining Mythic into the ones a player needs for a given item ascension.

Eveline crystals >>>>>> everyone else by far. Eveline crystals are the limiting bottleneck factor in Legendary and Mythic item ascensions.


Sadly, in their current state, for most endgame players followers need to be 50 be of any real benefit (except Mutiny). Mythic 45 ascensions for most followers is fairly meaningless. Mythic 50 is needed to see any tangible benefit for most of the followers, which means another 25 specific follower crystals above and beyond Mythic 45. By that point, another year or two down the road, would anyone actually care about rolling a random 1% chance for a Legendary from that follower with an account that far advanced? Unlikely.

I’ve seen quite a fair number of weird RNG streaks to date. Crystal streaks, Relic streaks, Glyph streaks, you name it. Currently on an annoying “1500 Gems for a random Legendary Relic” streak. Sorry game, not when you are asking for 1700 Gems for a random Glyph (read: Minion) and the game’s economy is still not finished yet.

Dry Legendary streaks on the Challenge Board for weeks at a time are also extremely annoying.

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Not accurate! Sometimes you get a spell glyph! :rofl: :woman_facepalming:

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I’ll take a spell glyph, if one appears. It’s just above minion glyphs in order of priority of use, but I won’t say no to an extra desired color gem being created or converted per cast. Outside of that, yeah, Legendary spell upgrades are still not worth the expense.

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Spell glyphs are definitely preferable in my opinion, also. But getting either of them for a random glyph pretty much ruins your week. Minions (and keys for that matter) are virtually irrelevant since the change to marks. Spells are relevant, but not to the extent of their glyph frequency in the drop pool.

I hate the entire system, truth be told. Glyphs, relics, runes, scrolls, shards (multiple types and tiers). And then to make it even more fun you throw in randomness. I know there is someone there, with a fancy degree in making people want to spend money, that designed this. But it has the opposite effect on me.

Then again, it could just be more about padding the complexity of the game. Either way, I don’t personally find it fun, interesting, or compelling. That said… who knows what it will all look like at release. :woman_shrugging:

You had it right the first time.

If a player wants a very specific thing, such as a Weapon Glyph, the cost for that specific targeting is Crowns, AKA real money.

Any other method of obtaining that thing without spending real money directly for that thing revolves around RNG dice rolls.

As you correctly mention, it’s intentional game design.

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FYI for the record…

Lyranica obtained her mythic weapon yesterday.

Comparison between Mythic 45 and Mythic 50 weapons:

Damage: 4923 → 6575 (+33%)


Power/Life: 175 → 200 (+14%)
Speed: 1.4 → 1.6 (+14%)
All Others: 7 → 8 (+14%)

Mythic Item Effect: No additional benefit.

For the cost of 10 additional Glyphs, the benefits obtained are currently not worth their cost.

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Except that there are still a lot of random deals for crowns, also. :expressionless:

I am no stranger to spending money on games. People work to make a product. I never feel entitled to enjoy that product for free. But with so much randomized in the store, both for premium and semi premium currency, I’m not incentivized to buy anything. Because I can’t plan on what I will actually need.

Oh an armor glyph for x crowns! Wait… my next 10 rando glyph draws might be armor.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would spend anyway. I am not one of them. :rofl: