45 Days Later ... Relic drop rates are absurdly low regardless what happens in 0.36

0 Evolves have occurred in the game (ignoring commons to uncommons, of course). Just making note for all the data gatherers out there! :innocent:

EDIT (6/15/2021) Pushing my later-in-the-thread comment up here:

Like I hate to be a broken record here but I can’t help but go back and read this over and over:

I would never in a million years after reading these patch notes have thought that for the next 5 weeks the entire community would basically resort to telling each other and every new player, as a sort of communal lamentation dirge, that your chance of getting a relic is futile, evolves are essentially impossible and that with the next update, maybe things will get better.

EDIT (6/30/2021) - While the developers have made clear that the lack of introduction of the “primary” method to acquire relics was overtly absent until the next update (presumably 0.36), this does not alleviate the fact that there is no other conceivable means to obtain these new materials outside of the proposed “drip”. This type of forced daily gameplay has repeated driven away invested players and needs to be reconsidered. We shall see what happens! Stay tuned!


21 days, 0 new resources added in 0.35 received as a drop despite constantly running 9 level 100 chest slots.

Not sure how this is an increase in the glyph drop rate when it was previously around 2 per month. 0 is not higher than 2.


I currently have 3 relics all lesser. 1 came from a chest, a lvl 37 gold.

0 glyphs at all since update

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What is this … gliff? … you speak of. What a strange sounding thing. Sounds like a fairy tale! :crazy_face:


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I am stealing communal lamentation dirge…

Also the only good thing is how do I get more food has been replaced

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Replaced by - what do I do with the food.

I spent quite some time in game chat defending dev choices and saying things will get better, this is early access.

I was super enthusiastic about the game, the gameplay and so much about the game.

The complete block of our ability do develop the characters that came with 0.35 is having me get tired of the game sadly. Spending PvP tokens is becoming a chore. There are ever more elusive goals to hunt but those are getting slom. THere is no way of improving on my gear and diamond chests consistently give me worse drops than Gold chests. Before I at least got some good drops out of ruby chests. So setting up chests is becoming a chore because - salvage all. Gather gold that has hit a limit. Food use is limited. Ore has become more precious and that is about it. Ore to cycle followers who in my hands don’t really drop crystals, or who drop stuff that gets salvaged too. And keys - what to do with all of them? Stash for days when chests may or may not drop anything more useful? I am already opening so many chests.

I am finding it more and more difficult to find reasons to play this game sadly.

Sad day. Great game. Broken game.


I’m incredibly frustrated with the game state, and frankly embarrassed that I recommended it to several people.

I have a single relic that I got by accidentally salvaging a 3-star armor piece.

My followers are stuck at what seems like very uneven levels because I can’t get any goddamn evolution gems.

My progression is at a standstill and I’ve paid money for the privilege. Yes yes yes, early access, yada yada. But this is legitimately unplayable.

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100% agree. .36 feels like make or break for the game.

I can’t recommend the game at the moment.

It’s sad because there are a lot of really great aspects to the game


Where is the magical update ???

Can they at lest give us a time frame?

Salty… anything a hint a date a possibly give us somthing we are all dying here!!


I hate to say it but they are screwing this up bigly here. They are folding various fixes into this theoretical magical patch. That’s not terrible except this patch obviously involves more content, thus means a wait.

The problem is there are major game breaking issues that need a hotfix, like last week. They simply can’t wait for the next major update.

Yes, it is early access. Doo doo happens. But at the same time, momentum is shifting down. Excitement is shifting down. Fun and engagement is shifting down.


Maybe this is a way of getting feedback from a new set of beta testers after the old ones die out.


This fix requires a major update and not a server push, so it will be tied into our 0.36 Update. We aren’t able to do a client update at this time, which is why this will release with 0.36. We are sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning:

Hi Salty,
Thanks for clarifying the situation regarding updates vs server push

Now that we know to wait for 0.36 (rather than a hotfix server push) - Any insights on possible target timeframes for 0.36?

I think everyone here would be slightly happier waiting (even a few weeks/months) if we knew now that was the expected target timeframe (which everyone needs to remember could obviously change for a variety of unforeseen reasons).

Don’t need specifics, but a general roadmap would be very welcome.


Honestly if I knew it was going to be a week, a month 2 months, I’m fine playing until then and would also recommend people to start with the new update

At least there is clarification that it is not a hotfixable situation

Flogging a dead horse here, but this was entirely foreseeable when rolling out nonexistent relics that require a major update which can’t be delivered in conjunction with the relics. Why roll out the relics then?

Well, we had that complaint and still do weeks later, playing an essentially broken game for weeks and burning out on that. Playing broken games is not that much fun, who would have thunk?

Y’all built a great game and willingly broke it and waiting and waiting for the major update fix is no fun. I think it can be left at that. Complaint over.


To be fair, I highly doubt there was any intent to break the game. It more likely boils down to making a boatload of changes to both major and minor parts of the game, all at once. A major update. When you are working on an unfinished app and change too many things all at once, bad things can happen. (And usually do) But I believe the intent was to fix things that were broken.

There were some genuinely good things in that major update. Some broken things did get fixed.

I also believe this next major update will also have the intention of fixing broken things. But since it requires a client update, I’ve got a bad feeling that it will also change too many things at once and… well… I’m sure we will all talk about that later.


No offense Tresk, the lack of relic drop chances was entirely foreseeable. I understand what you mean and have non issues with changes breaking one or another thing which also needs fixing.

The willing breaking I refer to is the evolution system and introducing one half of a mechanic at least a month before the other half.

So broken because we are rocking half an evolution mechanic, the one without the material drops which will require a new game mode. I think that was entirely foreseeable.

I mean, it was foreseeable that the drops were missing and that mayhap the players would mind a mechanic without drops. I mean, not even whales can evolve anything anymore, not that relics are even buy able. I expect the devs new that when they rolled out relics in the last big update and they also knew where they were with programming for the next big update where the drops would be rolled out.

The separation of the two is a huge slap in the communities face. That is the broken in refer to. All the small broken we are here to find and help fix and I absolutely accept and respect that. The willing broken has had me loose a lot of respect for the strategic choices of the developing team.

Is this more clear?


It possibly WAS intentionally broken.
They monitor game progress. And probably didn’t like where it was going.
Under the original system, there were players who already had level 50 followers, and would have had all at 50 without much problem. So this was controlled with the crystals.
And the gear that was ‘hard’ to upgrade because of the limited vault space (which I expect was the reason for the limited vault space) was being negated by players focusing on 2 or 3 items and upgrading them. And there would have been a lot of legendary gear in the game by now without changes. So this was controlled (stopped) with relics.
Yeah, it’s annoying not being able to upgrade. But it’s important to get balance in the upgrade process, to give value both to the player and the publisher if we want to see longevity to the game.
The game has been slowed while they work out how to re-implement the upgrade system. And work out what the wonderful new event type is…
Hopefully, at the very least, they will decide that vault restriction now serves no purpose other that annoying players and making farming unattractive, and increase it dramatically with the next update.

I think its generally understood that implementations in early access will often undergo significant changes to systems while developers look at what they thought would work and what didn’t and I think @LittleWombat is right that they recognized that player gains were occurring more quickly than they would have liked.

There is slowing progress and then there is essentially grinding it to a halt.

I have come around to the idea that it was intentional as you say.

The issue I have with this though is that whatever means of relic (and assumedly glyph) acquisition they introduce with 0.36 and further updates, it was suggested that it would complement the “half-step” that was introduced in 0.35, which supposedly included the ability to acquire relics through dungeon completions. But then we come to find out that what they really meant (but didn’t want to say I guess) is that its really a very rare thing; that is not the actual means by which you can hope to collect and upgrade gear; apparently its more of an occasional dollar bill that you find while out walking while trying to do other things. Furthermore, most anecdotal evidence is that you are more likely to get these “very rare” relics from just regular chests rather than from dungeon completions (which still begs the question, are they purposefully throttling it in the background while communicating up front that it’s possible?).

So that means that the entire upgrade system is essentially reliant on this “primary” way to acquire relics. All the other means that were introduced were gaslighting at its most basic level: “Sure you can upgrade stuff with this great new system we have introduced” but of course at the present rate of acquisition without the introduction of another means to acquire relics, you theoretically could play for a year in the current game state and never be able to evolve an item.

Could they perhaps increase the rates once they are “ready” for players to make progress again? I guess, but how will we know? Is this current step working as intended or is it purposefully bottlenecked while we all scurry around like mice hunting for a speck of cheese because they told us it was possible. I certainly won’t be taking patch notes at face value anytime soon. :frowning_face:

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