Server Push (Slight Changes)

Ahoy, questers, we have a few small changes releasing later today.

The level displayed in the kingdom roster below will not longer be the hero level + the citadel level. It will change to only displaying the citadel level.

When you access a kingdom mate pop-up menu, the information will now all be empty and potentially show the wrong class. We know that this looks like a step back, but these changes have been implemented to help with some performance issues that see our server slow down (or briefly die) during daily reset.

These changes will be reverted in 0.36. We are only releasing them now to help improve our server performance, and are sorry for any inconvenience they may cause in the interim.

Glad you’re able to address some of the server issues.

Hey hey! I have to say I’m really jazzed to see a dedicated “EVENT” tab at the bottom! :grin: Our Kingdom could REALLY sink our teeth into this. We’re pretty anemic at the moment.

Great to hear!

If only relics had something like this done to it, though at this point best to just wait for next patch when the game is playable again.

Sorry, had to do a sneaky edit and update that screenshot. We can’t have you all seeing our development secrets…Where’s the fun in the surprise that way? :wink: :soon: TM

The game already mentions events are coming. Text hinting it has been in the game since start of early access.

There’s a screenshot that’s over a week old that’s still out in the wild (just double checked) on these forums that let the cat out of the bag on Events coming in 0.36. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Shhhhhh @lyrian… :heart: :heart: :heart:

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The Kingdom Menu should display the correct information now. The pop-up is aimed to be fixed in Update 0.36. :slight_smile:


is there any more specific timeline on .36 releasing other than this year?

I do wish you guys had just temporarily bumped up drop rates of relics from dungeon chests until the .36 patch releases. this small change would make the current a bit more playable and at least give us some incentive to grind dungeons. I can deal with follower crystals being harder to obtain, I have been able to make headway with followers… but the same cannot be said with items/spells.

That’s the thing though @Kings, they clearly don’t want to encourage people to “grind” dungeons even though that is a strong motivator for many players, particularly those that want to participate in the game to it’s fullest and are often some of the most invested. Right now, they only want to allow people to have a daily “drip” and see how much they can squeeze out of the shop without driving players away entirely (This is my psychology take since they introduced psychology as the reason they didn’t want to provide a temporary increase to relic drop rates as a way to engage players during this update drought).

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Really? I am over 1,000 max difficulty dungeon runs. Got to get that juicy power. XD

A good majority of which was done during 0.35 since there is pretty much nothing else to do but to grind dungeons for power.

As you have pointed out repeatedly, that additional power is entirely unnecessary to finish dungeons successfully so you being personally motivated to actually run dungeons as an individual player who is invested in creating a platform for streaming (and as a byproduct improve your power rating) is not indicative of an actual system that provides motivational rewards.

Multiple people in my guild had more power than me before 0.35. I am pretty sure one of them even finished every single dungeon on max 1500+ total times before 0.35 even hit. A lot of the min/max people are interested in it.

Main thing that motivated me is seeing on their stats how much of a difference around 25%-28.5% power difference makes.

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I would argue that’s a minimal group that is not ultimately able to sustain the ecosystem that the developers would desire. But taken it as a given that this group represents a sustainable base, once they achieve those power checklists, and drop rates from Relics remain entirely absent, what is the motivator then? more drops of Epic weapons? more drops of mythic runes/scrolls? More food?

I guess I’m just not entirely sure of the intent of your response. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your point.

Dungeon marks.

Not sure how else people run diamonds 24/7, as coop and tickets are currently rather inefficient for it.

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I guess that just sounds pretty unappealing, to grind dungeons over and over to get chests that are unsatisfying so that you can get marks to run more chests in your vault so that you can open and get unsatisfying contents. Even with this suggestion of “buffed” diamond chests, what does that mean. They already said it wouldnt be a change to relic drop rates. So what is it, more guaranteed rares perhaps, the occasional epic? all of which you will ultimately break down into shards because of lack of gear space?

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Currently around a dozen naturally occurring level 1 legends.

Running 8-9 diamond chests for a week and level 50 followers for a week both seem to average around 1 legend per week.

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And just to be clear, you consider your game play time and method of play to be indicative of the “average player”? I just feel like you are relying on very anecdotal behavior (yourself and members of Dragon’s Peak, arguably the largest assembly of early access hardcore players) and extrapolating your willingness to continue playing as indicative of a broad player base. I guess I don’t think that is correct.

In my view the average player is going to get the occasional nice piece of gear, they are going to see that the way to improve that gear is through relics and they are going to attempt to run some dungeons on the “small chance” they can get items to improve that gear. Ultimately they will not achieve that goal (at least based on the developers’ desired implementation) and that will be their game experience. I have a hard time believing that the average player which in theory would comprise the actual player base is going to follow your path.

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