Server Push (Minor Fixes)

Ahoy adventurers, we have done a server push to fix a few issues. Please read about them below:

  • Added a patch that will convert any existing collectibles and followers to make sure they are at the correct rarity, based on their level. (for example, a Level 7 weapon that was listed as Common should now be Uncommon, and a level 47 spell that was Legendary will now be Mythic).

  • Fixed issue with Gong, now when evolving him the player’s current tourney energy will be increased by the same amount the cap increases.

  • Fixed issue with Ice Storm accidentally decreasing gems it explodes by rarity. Now increasing rarity should increase the gems correctly.

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So the game giving 50% less gems is intended then? Side quests have no gem drops nor wooden keys now. Most people lost upwards of 10,000 gems.


Just tested and Gong does properly add tokens now on the day of upgrade.