Server fix for tourney awards

Ahoy questers,

We are pushing a server fix for the issue of tourney awards not going out. This should be live in the next hour or so.

Thank you for your patience!


Assuming the fix has already been applied, when are we getting mailed back the missing gems?

Fabulous news! I managed to avoid being bitten by this one (whew) but the empathy of missing gems was real. So bravo for fixing!

I didn’t get my rewards from last week and the week before. Can I get them?

We are currently looking into the missing rewards, and the best way to get them to players. We are hoping to do something regarding them next week.


Sounds good, thanks for the response

It just arrived. Thank you.

Got it thanks a lot!

My rewards came in as well. Thanks for helping to get this done, @Salty!

No worries, team. Cliffy sorted this out for y’all. :heart: :heart: :heart: