[Ticket Submitted] Missing PvP Tourney Rewards

I have not received the usual PvP Tourney Rewards mail with 500 gems each for last week’s Open and Restricted ones for which I had reached the top scores . Actually I have not received any mail for any of the three Tourneys with any reward whatsoever. For the Elite tourney I had not reached the max score.
I think this has happened to me the first time in all these years of playing PQ3.
@Jeto or someone in charge, please look into this and rectify. Thank you.

I can see you have submitted a ticket as well! Once of the team will get to it as soon as possible.

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I have not yet received any in game mail nor any other messages on the above issue, though almost a week has passed since I wrote this post and also submitted a ticket, @Jeto .

It’s almost two weeks since I posted about the above Missing Tourney Rewards complaint and also submitted a ticket. I thought of waiting for the console launch busy days to settle.
Still no gems returned to my in game mail nor any reply here or any Email reply.
Is this how you should treat your players, especially on a very clear, easy to rectify, genuine complaint? @Jeto