[REPORTED] Did not receive rewards at end of Open Tourney

Platform, device and operation system

PC Windows 10 64-bit running Bluestacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

My score at the end of the open tourney showed 24,750. That put me tied for first, along with a lot of other people with the same score. I did not receive an in-game mail with any rewards for my placement. Others in the in-game chat echoed the same issue.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

It happened once before, but I didn’t pay much attention to my score, so I’m not sure what place I finished in.

Steps to make it happen again

Played all six battles every day while tourney was open, right after the daily reset.

I can confirm that this happened to me both this week and last week. I did receive rewards for the other two tourneys.

It’s the same for me. I didn’t get it last week as well.

Same. I am in silver and had a max score from the second day with 8 matches a day.

Thanks for reporting this one, I have let the devs know.

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Just confirming I have experienced the same for the past two weeks. Only receiving rewards from some tourneys.

Could I please get the name codes of anyone affected, as well as what league you were playing in?


Same happened to me.

Silver league, 24750 and no rewards for the the open tournament. I did receive the gems for the restricted tournament though.


Open Tourney, silver league
24,750 points, tied for 1st place with many others, no reward mail after tourney was over

ROB_IQLJ, silver open tourney. Last 2 weeks it looks like.

I didn’t get my rewards for the open and restricted tournaments. Silver and bronze. ZEALA_QVVY is my code.

Name code - PAL_GFCR
Platform : Android pixel 4 xl

Same here - I tied for first place in silver open tourney and got no rewards but I suspect enough people tied that many of us got pushed off the leaderboard which may be a factor. The other possibility is at the last minute a number of people posted perfect 5,000 scores and pushed off all of the people who were tied at single action cap. 47500

This week I am trying not to hit cap on open until the final day to see if it makes a difference.

Was tied with the same score for restricted and got my reward fine because of a smaller leaderboard.

Open tournament Silver league, 24750 score, VENUS_VTCM

Thanks for the additional information, I have passed it on to the devs and they are looking into it.