[not a bug] Open tourney not counting points

Platform, device and operation system

Android 11.

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Open tourney points stopped counting. I still get the trophies to count towards the league but points remain the same despite playing my 6 battles and LB seems stuck too.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

At least for 2 days that I’ve been paying attention.

Steps to make it happen again

Screenshots before playing and after playing.

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Not a bug. Your screenshots even show a 100-point difference. It only records your 10 highest scores, and the higher your top 10, the harder it is to increase it. When most if not all your top scores are borderline maximum, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get any more points.


Yeah I noticed that afterwards. But scores are also capped at 2475 per battle it seems (turn one win) so how is the LB calculated as everyone has the potential to reach the max 24750 points by the end of the week :confused:

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The max isn’t 2500? I figured it’d be feasible, seeing as it’s a nice round number.

I’ve been getting max 2475 even with turn 1 wins so :woman_shrugging:
Also the LB makes us believe no one has reached more than that.
Tourney was my favorite mode. This 10 top scores system is not making me want to play it anymore :weary:

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All you have to do is not lose :upside_down_face:

Yeah but how is the LB #1 position determined? Is it 1st one with 10 perfect scores? Does that mean that we need to be up at reset to be able to make it?
It does not really make sense…

How many players reach 24750 on the LB if I may ask?

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For now: 19 but they don’t get the same rewards which seems frustrating.
Also, reset is not until Tuesday and a lot of players are really close and only need 1or 2 scores of 2475 to max it out.


I would sure hope they fix the reward system. From what I can tell it is based currently on inverse order, meaning the person who did the worst who gets to max points last is the one who gets 1st place. Meaning anyone who gets 1st today will be higher up than the people who got 1st days ago.

I know in Gems of War their leaderboards people all get the highest tie position reward, so 20+ people in first would be everyone getting the 1st place prize.


OMG this is even worse! The sneakiest wins?
There definitely needs to be a better system out there :scream_cat:

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