Open Tourney - How does it work?

So, I’ve been playing the Open Tourney for a while and I can’t figure out how the Rewards are calculated. Generally, if you win a battle you get a score of around 2000. The rewards are supposed to be based on your top 10 battles. But what exactly does that mean? I won all my battles for the day and each time I scored 24 points. How is figure calculated? I would have thought the number of points would rise with each win. If I lose a battle I get no points, fair enough, but if I win the next battle I still get no points. At the moment I am set at 8 entries.
It’s a puzzle. Cheers, John.

Your total score is the sum of your highest 10 scores. You start at 1000 score and 5 points are deduced with each attack you and your opponent do. When you kill your opponent with skulls in your first turn you get 995 (-1 attack). Killing the enemy with spells doesn’t count as an attack, so if you do so in your second turn you get 990 points (-2 attack, yours and your enemy’s). Killing the enemy with your second attack would give you 985, killing them with spells on your third turn 980… And so on. Also, you will get points deducted if you lose health.

Those numbers are affected by the win streak, which for 5 or more consecutive wins is +150%. This means that the max score you can get each battle is 2488, which corresponds to killing the enemy with your first attack. Therefore, max score for the tourney will be 24880 (10 battles with 1 turn win while having 5+ win streak).

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Wow, that seems complicated. So how does the score translate to the award amount that is given after the battle?

Update, today I won all 8 battles, have a winning streak of 36 and my Tourney score didn’t budge. I gained no rewards for any of the battles and so am still 92nd place on the leader board. So, what gives with that? Additionally, my wife was the same, she won all eight of her battles and she didn’t gain any rewards either. Is the Tourney broken?

The gems rewards are given at the weekly reset (Tuesday 00:00 UTC), depending on your position in the leaderboard.

It is not only a matter of winning the battle, but also how many turns you take to do. If you are not moving in the leaderboards means you are not improving your battle score. Remember that your total score is the sum of your best 10 battles, so winning more battles won’t improve your score unless you get a better battle score than the ones that are currently your top 10.

For example, if your best 10 battles all have been turn 3 skull damage wins with the max streak bonus, that would mean (1000-25)x2,5x10 = 24,375 total score. Unless you start doing turn 1 or turn 2 wins, you won’t improve that score.

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Winning on your very first turn is the key to getting the best score.

Hint: you can hit 24880 with a gear score of 1000 with the right selection

Okay, thanks guys, I think I am getting the hang of it now. So, I can see the 20 last battles that I had, but, where can I see my top 10 scores?

You cannot see your top 10 scores. But whenever you do a new battle you can click the new score you get and it will say if it is better than the ones you already have or not.