PVP Open tourney scoring

Today, in the morning, I started the bronze league open tourney in first place with score of 24,750. I did not expect to stay on top, and was overtaken with score of 24,950. I stayed in second place and was happy to see that I would get a reward of 250 diamonds.

But, to my great surprise, by the afternoon I was kicked down to 4th place by two other players with the exact same score of 24,750. Now I am in 4th, and will only get 100 diamonds.

How is that reasonable? The way the system is now set up, it pays more for me to get the highest possible score in the last minute/second of the day as it appears the game’s code currently kicks down in ranking the players who got an equal score at an earlier moment in time!

Please correct this glitch. For the system to actually be fair, players with same score would need to be in the same spot in the rankings. Meaning, all players with score of 24,750 would need to be in second place, not in 2, 3, 4th.

It’s just like that visually.
All tied scores will receive the same reward.
If you remain to have the second highest score at the end of the tourney, you’ll still get 250 gems.

To clarify, 24,750 is the max score that most end-game players will reach at the end of a week, after they have 42 chances to get one-turn wins at a 10 winstreak.

Once you have 2 Bone Rings, however, you have a chance to win turn 0, which provides 2,500 points. If you had good enough luck to get this 10 times, you could achieve a maximum of 25,000 points in the tourny.

Actually 1 ring is enough to get 2500 with 2 rings u will get there for sure