Open Tourney unfair opponents

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Huawei p30 lite, 10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

After weekly reset, paid 100 gold to enter Open Tourney. First opponent was a level 21, while I am level 13. His retaliation blow after I matched gems simply killed me - I had no chance- it wasn’t any if his spells or abilities that killed me. My 5th opponent was the same and same result. My second fight was a level 18, which also nuked me.
I expected to be matched with similar opponents. Maybe it is an idea to look at how you consider 2 players being similar - based on Gear Score only?
If the opponent pool is based on players that enter open Tourney, then you should not let the fights be possible before certain amount of players have entered. Otherwise there is no point in entering as a lower level.

Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?
Well its early access, so I assume it is like this for now. I have seen other say, they had unfair fights, so look for comments on this post :wink:

Pretty sure it is working as intended. Opponents seem harder this week as it likely updates the pvp characters every week on the Monday/Tuesday reset.

PvP going to be really unbalanced regardless of what they do right now as essentially every person is in bronze league right now regardless of if they are level 10 or level 50. Leagues will eventually spread all the stronger opponents.

If they made it too easy for new accounts, it would cause the top of leaderboard every week to just be new accounts every time.

The bigger short term issue is it seems to take about a month of playing to get out of bronze league, which means another 2 weeks from now level 10s will be fighting level 50s with base 10s-20s rares. They may want to consider lowering the amount of trophies needed to go from bronze to silver.

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Thank you @Tacet I truly appreciate your insight in this game also (as well as GoW :hugs:)
You are probably right, this issue isn’t a bug, but an unbalanced gameplay and more thoughts needs to be put into this.
For the time being, there is no point in entering Open Tourney while being a lower level.

You are right, the enemies last week were easiere. :wink::point_down:

Yeah, the game seems to update it based on the first time a person does a pvp match, then again every week at reset time.

Easiest fix would be to drastically lower trophy requirement to get from bronze to silver. Currently it is 400. It should be a bit closer to 200.

I lost several PvP matches when I was a low level, but my strategy when I got a harder opponent was to grind until I had a way to kill them. You get to see the opponent before you commit to the battle, so if it is something just slightly more powerful, you can farm up a bit prior then take it on.

Edit: changed the topic from bug report to Feature Requests & Game Feedback

Opposite case here. As I’m level 21, most of the opponents I face are pretty easy.

I ultimately believe this is an issue that will inevitably resolve itself over time though, as mentioned.