PVP leagues not working as intended?

Putting this as feedback rather than a bug because I think it’s more a discussion on whether this part of the game is really properly implemented or just a place holder.

Once you start playing in the 3 weekly Tournaments - Open, Restricted and Elite - you earn points that go towards your League. These are separate for each Tournament type, increasing with victories and decreasing with defeats. If you go over the threshold into the next league that only takes effect when you start the next tournament.

I think the boundaries are as follows:

  • Bronze 0-400
  • Silver 400-1200
  • Gold 1200-1800
  • Contender 1800+

I would also assume that if you have leagues with defined upper and lower limits, that when you enter a tournament in that league, your opponents should also be in that league.

This is the screenshot of my first PVP battle in the Restricted league this week:

I am in Silver league launching this tournament. I am at the top end of the Silver bracket, but that’s how it finished (had not been higher and dropped back). My opponent is not only too high for Silver, but even too high for Gold league.

This wasn’t a one off. Every opponent I faced in the 8 fights that day were all 1200+. While those below 1240 could potentially be in Silver and just done their 8 fights already, many were 1500, 1600, and as above 1900 that could not be Silver on the same day.

I also haven’t noticed any differences in the prizes for going up the leagues, so not really sure if there is meant to be an incentive to progress?
I suspect this is why there are quite a number of accounts with negative league score and powerful weapons fighting down in Bronze league, as it would make it much easier to find weak players for quick kills and top the leaderboard.