PvP Leagues are currently pointless

This feels like the billionth week where in a PvP tournament with no other real players. There are several issues that the league system currently has. Keep in mind this is by no means all the issues with PvP, just the ones specifically related to leagues.

1: No extra gems are rewarded for higher leagues, nor any benefits of any kind.
2: Level 10 filler accounts are in the level 50 restricted tournament when fighting in an empty league.
3: Less honor is given when fighting an opponent who isn’t level 50.
4: Being the first person in a league to do your battles gives less honor.
5: Leagues don’t get any harder when rising due to the massive skew towards player’s advantage.
6: People in Bronze/Silver league who level slowly can easily be faced against level 50s despite being much lower, causing league divisions to not even separate the harder players properly due to the long amount of time it take to exit the lower leagues.
7: Pretty much everyone’s win rate in Gold or higher leagues is 99%+.
8: The fake filler accounts for leagues often have more trophies than the number that is even possible to have within the league.


For this one I can add that even real accounts will have inflated/bloated trophy stated on their profile when we face them in pvp.
The player’s actual trophy will be different from the one shown when we face them as an enemy.

Something else I’d like to add is that there is no incentive to pick defense minions with good spells. You gain nothing when your account defeats somebody else. All you’re doing is denying somebody else of honor. So currently, the only incentive to picking defense minions with high damage spells is to make someone else’s life more difficult.

#6!!! - I just started playing a week or so ago and these match ups are pointless. I’m lvl 12 and my opponents are 19+ with more than double my up.

I didn’t know there was a pvp tournament