[Fix Released] Happy Gonsgiving! Gong Ate my gems!

Happy Gongsgiving is supposed to give 400 gems when played on ultimate, but I only received 150. Took a picture for you on a teammate’s account to show that the Adventure grants all lower difficulty rewards when played (so 400 gems), but instead only granted the 150 from Ultimate. I’ll include my personal info, although I suspect this has probably affected everyone in the community, or at least on PSN.

PS4 Name Code: ETHANVANSHAMAN_DDT1 Member Name: Kenpo_Kid69

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It seems to be a general issue, we are only getting the reward for our level, instead of all the rewards up to that as it is supposed to work.


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Same issue for me also. Finished Ultimate, only 150 gems.

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Same issue for me santandrix_tlit

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This has always happened to me in adventures, I interpreted it as “awards” referring to what you managed to win after battles or in chests. Anyway, if it weren’t like this, the value of gems presented would then be the total of the sum of the minor difficulties.

If this is not the case, any deposit you make into my account worth all the gems I would have won will be greatly appreciated! :star_struck:

The only difference between difficulties are the final rewards, the ones specified in that screen (usually gems, but sometimes coins as in rune hunters or spell shards as in wizards circle). When you finish the adventure, you get the reward corresponding to your level in a replayable adventure, and the reward corresponding to your level plus all the lower ones in a non replayable adventure.

That means that in this adventure (which is non replayable) veteran final reward would be 50+25=75 gems, champion 75+5+25=150, master 100+75+50+25=250 and ultimate 150+100+75+50+25=400. However, we are only getting the level reward, as if this adventure was replayable (which it isn’t).


Ah, once again your intervention clarifies the issue. Thank you Higure

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Came here to post about this. I only got 150 gems instead of 400.

Fix is being released along with missing rewards!


I received my missing gems, thank you. I shall now celebrate by burping the Song of Great Thanks…all 57 verses!


I like that the reward message referenced this post.