[Fixed in 1.4.5] Incredibly delayed UI update on gem count

Please excuse me if I’m short, but I’ve been playing 1.4 for less than an hour and already found 3 major bugs, including one you already knew about for months!

I’m pretty annoyed right now. Especially as I just wasted about 3k gems rerolling gear because while my ore total updated as I did it, my gem count remained untouched. Because I thought I wasn’t being charged gems, I kept trying. Now I’m broke, because about 10 minutes and two battles later, my gem total updated to reflect the crafting that appeared to only cost ore. Double plus seriously NOT COOL. Gems are a precious resource. Grrrr.


This issue with gem count not updating could really turn ugly quickly.


i burned through something like 1400 gems myself this way. an expensive lesson.


Happened the same to me! 1800 gems lost!!! Annoying!!!


Here is an example:

You can see in the top that i have 449 gems remaining, but I cannot reroll more because in reality i’m at 49 gems. You can tell I have less than 200 gems available because the cost is in red.


@Jeto @Kafka we need soon an update on this! I lost 1800 gems… and I’m not the only one!!!

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Hey, we have a fix for this in the next game update v1.4.5 which is not too far away.