[Fixed in 1.1.1] Treasure Gems (Mercenary's ultimate spell) doesn't provide greed stacks based on their level


Whenever I get higher levels of treasure gems I expect to get more Greed stack from them, but they always give one stack when destroyed.
There is no mention of higher level treasure gems in patch notes, so maybe its a visual glitch.

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Hey @tau

Thank you for posting this. This is a visual issue as the Mercenary’s Treasure Gems shouldn’t be getting those Power Gem numbers on them.

I have passed this onto the Development Team so this can be fix.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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I’m sorry, but its not fixed as of v1.1.1, I keep getting those weird numbered treasure gems.
To reproduce the bug, try using mercenary’s ultimate spell when there are few ‘free’ (not lined up) gems left on a board.

1.1.1 Isn’t out yet. You will find you’re still on 1.1.0 at the moment. It will be fixed in 1.1.1

My bad :slight_smile: We are indeed on 1.1.0